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I am a T1 diabetic and have been for 25 years. In a few more months it will be 26. I am pregnant with my third and last child. This pregnancy was a surprise as I was done having children. I always wanted another child but was thankful to be blessed with two healthy babies and no complications. I didnt think I could emotionally or physically handle going through another pregnancy.  I am almost 19 weeks along and feeling happy about whats to come and how well my blood sugars have been. My last A1c was a 5.5!!

I am new to this site and so far have enjoyed learning and seeing how everyone else is handling the same probems or concerns as me . 



Hello and congrats (on pregnancy and excellent control). I am 18 wks and my last A1C was also 5.5%. That is very reassuring. I am still battling lows primarily, just waiting for the insulin resistence to settle in.

I have also found this site very helpful in learning about other T1s experience with pregnancy. I feel so much more empowered and I know what questions to ask my OB. I have an appt next week, and based on a lot fo what I've read on this site, I plan to talk through my birth plan with my OB to hear his thoughts and hopefully get a better picture of what I can expect for my delivery. I do have one child already, 11 yrs old, but she was born 4 yrs before I was diagnosed as T1. That pregnancy and delivery were both smooth as could be, so despite the diabetes, I am hoping for a similar outcome this time.

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I am a type 1 as well and have been since I was 15 (I am now 28) I am pregnant for my first time and did not plan for this. Do you have any words of advice you could share and thing that help you through it etc etc. I haven't had my a1c checked since last december when i was at a 7 :( i am currently on a pump and also have a sensor that monitors my glucose reading. I am going to see my diabetic dr tomorrow and have my ob on thursday ( proberlly going to change to a new highly reccomended ob as well that apt is friday)