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Hi fellow Diabuddies!
My name is Amy. I come from a family of 10, 5 older brothers and 1 older and 1 younger sister and our wonderful parents. I just celebrated our 1 year anniversary with my husband. I have a Handsome 10 year old son and 2 drop dead Gorgeous Bonus Daughters, 14 and 16. My husband took my son in instantly as his Bonus Son. He and his sister’s adore each other. My son was diagnosed with Autism, Sensory Processing Disorder, Epilepsy, multiple GI issues, Anxiety, and Global Developmental delays. He is my miracle baby. I have had 17 miscarriages 10 and 7 after including a set of twins, before my son who was born early and wasn’t supposed make it through the night. He is pushing through all the odds stacked against him. My husband and I own a Bailbonds and Fugitive Recovery business that we started last year. This coronavirus has messed with so much at this point. My husband is a Type 2 diabetic that so far has been well controlled. In the last year he has had 1 knee surgery, surgery on both wrists for carpal tunnel and surgery on his ulnar nerve. He still has to have surgery on his right knee and possibly his neck. I had surgery in 1996 on my left knee and on September 23 will be having that knee redone and eventually my right knee and both wrists for carpal tunnel. I have had 3 other surgeries on my abdominal area. My blood sugar would not drop below 10.9, but by the grace of God and the Omnipod Dash system, as of last week it is now 6.6. I am so thankful to be here!

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Hi and welcome to the forum! Thank you for getting us about your family, and for sharing a picture - love those huge smiles! Wishing you the best in your upcoming surgery/ies - I hope it takes care of the issues you’ve been having. I know people who have had one or go replacement - which may not be what you’re having, but they say it worked wonders. It sounds like all of you have a big support system - what a blessing! Keep us posted on how things go, and feel free to share words of wisdom. Oh, and huge congratulations on your improvement with the Omnipod - that’s amazing! Of course pods/pumps are tools and only work well if the effort is put in, so job well done and keep up the good work!