New to Juvenation and wants to meet other T1


My name is Amanda and I am 19 years old. I go to Wake Forest University. I have had Diabetes for 12 years (since I was 6). I would love to make other friends with Diabetes. I only know a few people with Diabetes. If interested, please friend me on here. 


Hi, Amanda! Welcome to Juvenation. This is a great place to make friends!

Hi Amanda,

  Welcome to juvenation!!!! I am still pretty new at this, 2 years. This is a good place!!!!

Hey Amanda, welcome to Juvenation! I'm the same way I don't know much Diabetics around me, message me if youd like to talk, I can always share stories and advice.

Hi Amanda, you and I were both diagnosed when we were 6. My diagnosis was in 1945, when very little was known about diabetes. I hope you will have good control and lead a long, healthy life. Good luck with your education, Wake Forest is a great college. I attended Virginia Tech and became a college level math teacher for 34 years. We diabetics can be successful at almost anything we want, but that requires good control and a  very positive attitude.


Welcome to Juvenation. This is a great place to ask questions, vent, or even give your own experiences. Great to have you. Wake Forest,  nice!!

Hi Amanda!  Welcome to Juvenation....this is the best place in the world for support!!! 

Awesome! Thanks, Kevin! 

Hi Amanda,

Under the "groups" tabs, there are new groups for local JDRF chapters. Maybe you'd find local T1's there? The groups are just getting started, but it doesn't hurt to look. (:

Hi and welcome wakeforest!

I read more than I post here but I can tell this is a really great place for sharing.

Now it makes me think I don't know a single Type 1 around, other than myself. I remember at dx how helpful it was to find some people going through the same things, maybe I should start searching other T1's, it actually could be fun! Is it ?

Anyway I can't meet anyone here just because of this ridiculously little river called "Atlantic Ocean"... :p Have fun people, good night!

Hi Amanda

Welcome to Juvenation. Happy to have your experiences with diabetes to draw from. You will get a chance to talk to some great people. No matter how long you have had diabetes there is someone here who has gone thru what you have so feel free to call on them or anyone else.