New to Juvenation

I'm new to this, maybe I'm not seeing the posts correctly, but since I didn't see anything, I thought I might introduce myself.

My name is MIchelle Page Alswager and my 13 year old son, Jesse, died unexpectedly on February 3rd after 10 years of this disease.  I've always been very involved in the diabetes community and with all of our fighting, I hadn't realized his life could actually be taken.  I was doing a bang up job of telling everyone they could survive this disease.

I continue to work hard in the diabetes world to make sure someone else doesn't feel what I feel every day - which I'm sure you are feeling every day as well.

jesse was an amazing kid who continues to inspire others to do good things.  I plan to pay it forward.



I don't know how these groups work but it seems to me there is little discussion but lots of people joining. My heart absolutely breaks when I here of these stories of the passing of these wonderful kids and people.

I don't know if this is the right place to ask these questions due to the sadness of the people who have lost so much but I do want to know more of the circumstances so that others can hopefully avoid these tragic circumstances.

Is there any info that is provided by doctors as to why or research into what happens and how to avoid it.


Many thanks