New to Juvenation

Hi everybody! I am new to Juvenation! I was diagnosed in July 2000, I have a three year old daughter and a loving husband, also a great family support! I am always looking for support from others with type 1 diabetes...I am a pump user.

Welcome Patrina - glad you found us!

Welcome to Juvenation!

Welcome Patrina!  :)

Welcome to the Online Club. Feel free to harass us with any stupid questions or serious ones. You are bound to get great answers or if I am in one of my moods a very silly answer. Welcome nonetheless.


Hi Patrina! This is a great place for learning how to get good control. Support and discussion here is very helpful. I have been type 1 for 65 years and am doing very well. Ask all the questions you want.


Hi Richard! Thank you so much for your reply! It's a struggle everyday, as you know...but to know there is support out there is very comforting!

Thank you to everyone for their replies! I am just trying to figure out how this site works...but I look forward to chatting with everyone!

Hi Patrina!

Thanks for joining! I was also diagnosed in 2000, on November 25 it will be my 10 year diaversary! What pump do you use? I am on a minimed...

Welcome to Juvenation.


Hey Gina,

I am also on the minimed, 722. Do you use the sensor along with it, or do you just rely on testing?

I have the sensor but, I am bad and haven't been using it that often because I am lazy lol

I wish I could have the sensor but I can not afford the insurance only covers 50% so the cost of the box of 10 sensors would be to much. I know I would probably do a lot better if I had it because of the anxiety I have when it comes to lows. I'm sure we all experience that though!