New to Juvenation!

Hey everyone! My name is Drew and im new to this site and just happened to find it by chance and im hoping to make a lot of great connections and learn new stuff from everyone! here are a few things id love to hear about from other people!

1] I am going to college soon as a freshman and I'd love any advice, suggestions, or anyone going through the same thing

2] i use to feel like i had pretty good control but things seem to have slipped away from me and i wanna feel in control again

3] help with overall diabetes management, im ready to really get my numbers as in range as i can especially as i start college

I cant wait to hear back from others!

Welcome Drew :D This is definitely the place to come for advice on control. There are also a lot of us in college (including me) and are more than happy to help with any questions you have or advice on anything. This is the place to ask :D

Just wanted to say Welcome to Juvenation!!!

sweet! thanks for the welcome guys! and girls! :p I'm just going to be starting college so I would love any advice or pointers that you can think of right off the top of your head!