New to juvenation

hello all.. my name is megan. i am new here on juvenation and i was just looking for some people to connect with and get support from. i have had type 1 for almost 8 years and i'm quickly approaching my 21st birthday :) currently in my diabetic life i'm at a huuuge burnout stage where i'm just so flipping sick of having this disease and really feeling alone. my school has a group for diabetics but it makes me uncomfortable to think about joining... i hate the feeling of being different and thinking of myself as "diseased." i found this website and felt like it's the best option for me to gain support from other diabetics without feeling uncomfortable, so here i am! anyway, i'd love to hear from other people who feel similarly to me and are just burnt out/struggling to cope with everything. 

megan <3

Just wanted to say Welcome!!! Yea, this Club 1 stuff sucks. I haven't had it as long as you, but I did get it a little later (52) LOL

Yes you'll find lot's of support and friends here. Again glad you found Juvenation!

Welcome to Juvenation. You will definitely find support here, I have found lots of people to talk to about everything, not just Diabetes. :) I know from personal experience that I hate being different, but sometimes different is what makes me so interesting and unique. Don't think of yourself as diseased, to me it shouldn't even be considered a disease. When I think of disease I think of something that is contagious, I personally think it shouldn't be classified like that, so I don't think of it that way. :P I call it whatever makes me feel better. Don't let Diabetes control you, take control over it! I have missed out on lots of fun in the past because I was too scared to step out of my comfort zone. I know that I don't want to miss out on anything anymore. You can talk to me anytime! :D

Katey :)

Hi :)

We all hate feeling different but here we are one! If you need any help around the site let me know and I can help!

thanks everyone for the friendly responses! i'm still learning how to navigate the site, since i'm not very tech savvy ;)