New to OmniPod- HELP!

I am new to OmniPod and having a lot of problems. Don't get me wrong, I LOVE being on the OmniPod. The insertion is so easy and doesn't hurt at all. But my doctors have told me I may end up back on shots if I can't figure out how to get this to work properly, and I really don't want to go back on shots!!! First of all, I am bleeding... a lot. Enough that it has seeped under the tape and gotten onto my clothes. I have rotated the pods 3 times. 1 on each side of my lower back and 1 on my arm. Bleeding happens every time. Also, the first day seems to go OK, but by the 2nd day I am having absorbtion issues. I am on a 1:10 carb ratio. For example I took 6 units last night for a 60 carb dinner. On shots, my numbers would have been perfect. But on OmniPod I checked and I was 266. I took 3.5 units correction dose and .5 unit basal every hour. Fasting number was 195. I know for certain I am having these high numbers because of absorbtion issues. When I take my pod off I have a lump the size of a coin under my skin. Not a small bump like an insect bite, but a large lump. What can I do? How can I fix absorbtion issues???? The only thing my doctor could advise (other than shots) was to change pod daily, which I cannot afford as the supplies are already expensive enough!

I am 19, very lean and have been a diabetic for just over a year. Why would I be having absorbtion problems??

I think you might try using your tummy. That is about the only place my daughter has good luck with. Your site choices seem to be unusual to me.

My daughter can't even use her thigh. She just doesn't get any insulin there. Tummy and upper butt cheek are fine. Bleeding is pretty much a guarantee that the site won't work for my girl. 

I would contact OmniPod and/or the person who trained you on the pump for help. Also, know that with any pump it can take a while to understand how to do the site changes correctly and figure out what works for you. I think it is too early to worry about having to go off the pump. However, you need to be all over this doing everything you can to figure it out and try to make it work for you.

THe only other thing I can think is that you are having some reaction to the Omnipod adhesive or some other material that is causing both the large lumps and poor absorption. If that is the case, you might indeed have to go off the Omnipod, but maybe could consider a different pump.

I have tried upper butt/lower back a couple times and that is where I seem to have the most trouble. Strange though because I often used to take shots on my upper butt and it was always a good area. Anyways, my newest pod on my upper arm seems to be working ok... so far. My next pod I will try on my stomach. Thanks for the advice!!!! And I think you are right... if it bleeds it's a sign it won't work just right. My diabetes nurse said not to worry about the bleeding as long as it's not actually blocking in the cannula. However, in all the areas I was bleeding, it seemed to not absorb good there. 

When first putting the pod on: after sticking it down, the pressing next, before and DURING the "wait" cycle, when it does the actual insertion, I was told to pinch up the area around the cannula and hold the cannula area down, so it won't bounce or rebound, and the cannula has more fat to enter. I use my thumb and middle finger to pinch, and the index finger to hold the pod against the skin. Hope this helps.