New To Pump

My 9 yr old daughter just received her Animas One Touch Ping this week.  She is wearing it but with saline instead of insulin for a week, just to get use to the functions.

When she is outside in the cold and comes in to the warm house, she gets the prime warning and has to go through the prime steps.

Is that normal?

NOT Normal.  Although I live in FL thus no cold weather, you should call animas support.  The number is on the back of the pump (under the belt clip if she is using that.  My experience with them has been top notch. 

My daughter has had her Animas Ping since June. We haven't ever had that happen. Call Animas or if you had a trainer come show you how to use the pump you may want to see if they have any ideas.  Animas is great when you call them.  They will talk you through how to check the pump and if it needs replaced they will overnight one to you.  Good luck with pumping! My 8 year old loves her pump!

I agree that is NOT normal. I live in PA and never had that problem. Animas support is wonderful. I would recommend calling them.

You have probably figured it out by now, but that is not normal! Maybe it has to do with the saline instead of insulin, but we live in WI and have never had that problem.

Changes in temp could cause bubbles in the insulin (or saline) to expand or move together (in theory). So maybe that is what it is detecting? IDK, sound really weird to me.

Thanks JDVsMom - we are in Wisconsin as well.     We haven't had the issue after the first 2 weeks.  Must just have been a couple isolated situations.  She does do a better job of keeping her coat over it when she's outside in the cold.

HI AM new to this site! My 1 year old has had an Animas 1 touch Ping since December and we Love it BUT I am having Eating issues Anyone have any sugesstions for me? He runs really hIgh most of the time so since he is only 16lbs its hard to find something her will eat on a consistent basis?  HELP!!