New to pumping :) few questions

when I was mdi I had no problem carrying the supplies. where does one carry the extra infusion sites, reservoirs etc.

also what does one usually do with the extra tubing?

thanks in advance

I’m still pretty new to pumping, too. Typically, I keep one reservoir and one infusion set (as well as the inserter) in my test kit, which I make sure I have access to almost all the time. And I keep a vial of insulin with it, too, along with a backup pen and syringes for emergencies. (It seems like I’m carrying even more stuff sometimes.)

I don’t carry extra pump supplies, unless I’m traveling more than a day. In my purse I keep a syringe and a bottle of insulin, usually one of the leftover ones with just a little left in the bottom. I commute about 45 minutes to work so I can’t run home easily if I have a problem. But the few times I’ve had a bad site I’ve been able to eat low carb and take a few shots of insulin until I could connect back to my pump.

I’m short and use the sets with short tubing (think it’s 23") and don’t notice it getting in my way often. Usually I tuck the tubing in my pants pocket or under my clothes if I have the pump in my cleavage.

I only carry extra supplies on me if I’m going away overnight or something. I do keep extra reservoirs and infusion sets in my desk at work and a bottle of insulin in the office fridge because that’s where I spend most of my time other than home, but I don’t keep pump supplies in my purse or anything like that.

Extra tubing goes anywhere I can stash it. Usually just shoved into my pants. If you’re using the longer tubing you can wrap some of the excess around your pump.

I use a toiletry organizer from REI (most similar to this: -it doesn’t look like they sell the model I have anymore) and put it in a larger shoulderbag with my lunchbox. I like it because the elastic straps (that they show on the sides with razor, toothbrush and brush) are actually the perfect size for a bottle of insulin. Plenty of pockets for alcohol swabs, cotton, CGM and pump equipment, pen and log book, and even an icepack (if needed) and a snack.
I once got out of the car at work and pulled out my infusion set on the car door (it takes talent to be that clumsy!) and spent the rest of the day checking my BG every hour, pulling insulin out of the pump reservoir with a syringe and rounding up 2 units for whatever the bolus wizard said to give. 9 hours of doing that and I learned my lesson: always carry extra supplies!

I use the 13" tubing and the TallyGear TummieTote so I have no issues with excess tubing. But I did notice in the new issue of Diabetes Forecast (American Diabetes Association) they mentioned a product for tubing in New and Notable Products. Do a search for “Tubeguard” and diabetes or insulin pump