New to Pumps

I have been diagnosed for about a month already. At my Endo appt. today, my Doctor told me that my numbers were great and that she was ready to talk to me about a pump today. So she showed me 5 different pumps and I really liked the Tandem T Slim, The Omnipod, and the OneTouch Ping. I do not know which one to choose or which one to look at the most. Can someone help give me their opinions on each pump? Thank you!

I’ve stayed with Minimed during the 12 years I have been pumping. They don’t have a lot of bells and whistles, but they are very reliable and their customer service is too. I haven’t heard that about Animas. I think Omnipod is popular too, especially with athletic types.

I looked at the Minimed and I wasn’t intrigued by the design, but then again I am 17. I like the Omnipod because it’s tubeless, and I work alot, but I’m allergic to big amount of adhesives,But i LOVE the TSlim. so I’m not sure which has more benefits.

I use the Omnipod. Like you mentioned, its biggest upside is that it is wireless. There are clinical benefits to it being wireless, but I went the Omnipod route because it fits well with being a 20-something professional.

I am in love with my one touch ping. The reasons are meter remote so it stays hidden under my clothes which is good for my professional life, waterproof which is great for swimming, animas name is from Johnson&Johnson so I trust them/get great customer service on the 2 times I needed help ever and connection in process with the Dexcom cgm which I couldn’t live without. I also like the color screen. Everyone has their reasons but what helped me was meeting with a rep from 3 companies before deciding.

@TypeOneSponge gave good advice about meeting with reps.

Best way to try an Omnipod is to request a sample (it doesn’t give insulin but you get a feel for it) and wear it a few days. Some people love them, some don’t. I thought it was way to big and the adhesive bugged me. I also didn’t like that I had to have the remote with me to do anything.

I used a Minimed and thought I’d mind being attached to something but it’s not a big deal. I can detach it to shower or swim. You can pay a little extra for a basic remote that will bolus. An advantage over the tSlim is you can easily bolus with one hand without looking at the screen (priceless for mornings when I remember on the drive to work that that I’ve not bloused for breakfast yet). The tSlim touch screen requires you have to focus on it so you can’t multitask. Medtronic has GREAT customer service and even provides you an extra loaner pump if you travel out of the country. I wore mine with my wedding dress, through my pregnancy and labor, and pretty much every other moment of the last 12 years.

But the tSlims are very cool and would probably be my choice if I were 17. Really the only legitimate complaint I’ve heard of them is the reservoirs are weird. Can’t remember the details… Google and see what you find. Their customer service was really great when I contacted them about a year ago. They are a newer company but I think they’ll do well.

Pings have been around a long time but they just don’t have same market share or devotion from their customers as the others. I’ve never used one and am not sure why.

I did shots for 25 years and have pumped for 12. With a pump I’ve had few lows, take less insulin, and can easily correct. It makes me feel like I control my diabetes instead of it controlling me.

Thank you to everyone who has given me advice. I am meeting with the Tandem sales rep on Thursday, and then the Animus sales rep on the 23’rd. I like the omnipod, but I am allergic to big amounts of adhesives so I think I will stay with Animus or Tandem.