New to site, blood sugar questions

Hi, I just joined the site today. I found out I was pregnant about a week ago. Since then I have been alternating between smiling like an idiot because I am so happy and freaking out about my blood sugars. I use a Medtronic pump and CMG. Lately I've been having more lows. My diabetes doc said lows don't hurt the baby but at my first appointment with the OB she seemed to feel otherwise. I'm wondering what other people have heard and how often it is typical to send your blood sugar in for review. Typically I would just do that at my appointments every four months but obviously now I want to have much tighter control.

My diabetes doctor gave me the go ahead to get pregnant and said to call the office when I get a positive. Now she's on maternity leave herself and the office said to fax in my numbers and the NP will review them and discuss it at the next scheduled appointment. Luckily it's only 2 weeks away.

Any advice anyone has would be much appreciated. I'm very excited to have found this group. Some of my friends have had babies recently but of course none of them have diabetes so their pregnancy concerns were a bit different from mine.



Hello..Do u know how far along you are??!!...Im about 10 weeks as of today 10/21/11...&& sense diabetes and pregnancy is high risk im being seen by fetal med. for my OB...& they want my sugars weekly..i have no problem with that now that they have the carelink software! that was a plus! but i am upset that they dont want me to be seen by my regular diabetes doctor the whole time im pregnant..Made me feel some what uneasy..Talking about how they will be changing things with my pump! When they fullly dont understand alot about me or my pump! Most diabetics that have been seen there didnt have a pump..So im like pulling my hair but so far sugars have been very good!! lows yes and some sugars are not so low!..They want my sugar below 140 after i eat..& that has been the biggest problem for me..2 hours after i eat its perfectly fine! but that one hour not so good ! Maybe you have some pointers for me! Thank you & it is always nice to get to talking about diabetes and pregnancy im new to this too!