New to the Dexcom g6

I just got the new dexcom g6 I love it so far but anyone have any suggestions on how to get more comfortable with it

Hi @Kaleb7394 and welcome to the forum. I’m on the G5 right now and will be starting the G6 when my transmitter warranty runs out, so I can’t give you any tips. I’m just wondering though, when you refer to comfort are you talking about the physical feel of the sensor, or the process of getting used to the system? That might help guide responses. I’ll be joining you on the system soon!

Getting used to using the system , because to me I just don’t feel like it’s that accurate.

I do understand - of course that’s something I’m going to be checking on myself. I am planning to do so occasional fingersticks to make sure the numbers are close enough for my comfort. My G5 and my fingersticks are rarely more than a few points off, and I’m hoping for same when I upgrade.
If you do a search for Dexcom G6 on the forum you’ll find threads and comments from experienced G6 users.

@Kaleb7394 Hi Kaleb and welcome to the TypeOneNation Forum!

Why the distrust of the Dexcom G6? When diagnosed with diabetes, you trusted insulin injections, you trusted a probably inaccurate BGM to give you “exact” results, so why the unreasonable distrust to a glucose sensor that has been proven more accurate for the VAST majority of users than currently available BGM?

The comparison of readings from the Dexcom G6 with laboratory testing of non-contaminated blood drawn from a vein is more accurate than comparisons with finger-sticks. The only device more accurate, so far, is the Dexcom G5. Of course, the Dexcom sensors do not work for all persons, so give yours time to prove itself; when next you get a lab-test total body glucose result, compare that result with the sensor reading for that exact minute and observe any difference.

Have trust in the device in which you decided to invest. I have full trust in my G6.

Do keep in mind, if your BG is rapidly changing…It’s not that accurate. When you BG is relatively stable, Dexcom G5 and G6 are usually pretty close.

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