New to the Forum :)

Hiya, Are there any Aussies on here?

That's a long way from my home in CA.  But, I do love your guys' accent!  ;o)  Welcome to Juvenation!  I hope you find this place to be awesomely supportive! 

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That's a long way from my home in CA.  But, I do love your guys' accent!  ;o)  


Yeah! i love australian accents too!! Welcome :D

Cheers guys. i have not been able to find an Aussie site like this. I actually do not know another T1 Diabetic!

Well, now you know about 10,800... haha.  Welcome!  I'm not an Aussie, but I have visited your country before and it's bee-yoo-ti-ful.  :)

Hi Stef, I know someone in Aussie who knows me, but no T1's.  I am in  Manchester CT, just outside of Hartford. 

I am a T1 for 42 years now and am glad for the internet as the support is much better then any local group I can find.

Good to meet you all....


Hi Kim,

Feels great being involved with people like me. Ive never had anyone to discuss this stuff with who will truley understand.

Thanks Sue, Great to meet you too :)

Hey, welcome to the site! There are a few Aussie's on here (I'm not one of them). I can't remember their names, but maybe if you try a search you will find them? Hope you enjoy Juvenation!

Thanks C,

Please let me know if you recall who the aussies are.

Welcome to Juvenation !!

Welcome. I am not an Aussie. But I am type 1 and love the ocean. You near the beach?? Did some life guard stuff in my younger days. Always wanted to do the Ironman. LOL Again Welcome to Juvenation.

Hey Keith,

Yep im right on the beach. Sunny Gold Coast in Queensland. I love it. My flatmate gets involved with all the Ironman stuff. Bit to hardcore for me. LOL.

Nice to meet you Keith.