New to the Group and just want to tell a little about us

I just want to take a moment to say how happy and blessed i feel to have found a support group and a place that i can just express my feelings.  As in my bio, i want to let everyone know i am a mother of a 6yr old daughter who just so happens to have diabetes (i say it that way because when i look in the mirror, i STILL see the same beautiful face smiling at me that i saw before she was diagnosed) We REFUSE to let this disease change the person she is!! And to let you know just what type of person she really is, here she was diagnosed only 25 DAYS ago, and she is already giving herself her on insulin shots (of course i put the insulin in the needle for her)... She has just taken all of this like a little trooper. In fact, she is excited to tell people about her diabetes and she shows them how she does her test and can give her own shots. She even has a few stuffed animals who have diabetes :) and so she gives them their insulin as well.  Now do you see why i say she is my Hero!! She has given me strength that i NEVER knew i had!!  But don't get me wrong, i am scared because when it comes down to it, right now her life is in my hands. I can't make a mistake on her medicine or what she eats. The one and only thing that has truly helped me is prayer!! I know God has taken over in my life and i know He is forever present with us. I prayed and asked only one thing of Him. If this is the "road" we must walk in life, please just walk it WITH US!! and He has!!! I truly feel His presence in us everyday!!......I don't dwell on the negatives of this whole life change. I can't, because if you do, it will consume you!! I find myself smiling and being so very thankful because my baby is HERE!! She is alive! Running, playing, singing and doing all the things she was doing before!! I refuse to let her or myself be a victim!! .....I've had people tell me "i'm so sorry about your daughter!" I look them straight in the eye and i tell them DON'T BE SORRY, MY BABY IS HERE AND SHE IS HEALTHY!!! Don't be sorry for us, we are OK!! I think of so many other diseases or handicapps that are so so so much worse than diabetes and honestly we are lucky that's all or children have!! This disease is so very manageable!! To the point that our babies can live NORMAL lives!!!....I just ask all that read my post to keep us in your prayers for every one of you are in ours!!!