New to the Pump/ Sensor Issues

Okay, so I started on the 670g Minimed pump with medtronic, and i was suppose to start using the sensor yesterday, but the first time I tried to connect it didn’t stick, so the second time I tried to connect I started bleeding… kinda badly actually. It scared me, so now we pushed my appointment back a few weeks. I know I shouldn’t really be freaked out especially since I’ve been a diabetic for 11 years now, but I just panicked and I’m not sure if I even want a sensor anymore. Has this happened to anyone else

Hi Becca @BeccaG3. Welcome to the 670g club. I assume you were working with your trainer. They should be able to help you figure out what happened and resolve it. If not here are a few ideas.

As for the sensor sticking

  1. make sure you clean the skin really well with alcohol and let it dry before you insert. This will remove any oils, soap residue, etc. This may help with the "not sticking problem
  2. consider using something like skintac. It will help.

Bleeding does happen. I get some sort of bleeding (usually minor) about 1/3 of the time. Most of the time the sensor will work just fine. A few things you can try:

  1. do not press down on the insertor when you are inserting the sensor. This causes the skin to stretch and sometimes bleeding will happen. Just place it on the area and hold it down lightly to stabilize it.
  2. some people ice the area down before inserting. It works for them
  3. you may have better luck with somewhere other than your abs (I’m making an assumption here are this is Medtronic’s primary site for sensors). Arms are now FDA approved. Other areas that people use are thighs, lower back, some use their calves, etc. Basically anywhere you can inject insulin, a sensor will work.
  4. if you have scar tissue from all the insulin, avoid the area. Sensors sometime act a little strange in this area.

Make sure you keep the failed sensors. Medtronic will usually replace them for no charge but they normally want the failed ones returned. In any case, I’d give them a call. They have some really good techs who can help you through problems. Just remember that they can only go so far and can only make recommendations that comply with what the FDA has approved (e.g. sensor sites)

If you use facebook, there is a “Medtronic 670g support group” that has loads of good information and lots people willing to make suggestions on how to deal problems you are experiencing. It is not sponsored by Medtronic - its 670g users helping 670g users.

Just so you know, I struggled with this pump/cgm system for several months. Over the last 4-6 weeks or so, it is finally working well for me (knock on wood). You just need to be patient and push through the problems.

Good luck

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