New to the Site and also new to Type 1

Hello everyone. Just wanted to introduce name is Terri. My son was diognosed  Type 1 on  Sept 1, 2010. His 9th birthday followed shortly after. We have been in a whirlwind of sorts...but he is such an amazing child in this...I am amzed by him everyday. After 1 week of finding out...he was able to measure out and give himself his own meds. :) We have taken this on full force...and believe one day,  we WILL find a cure. We are trying to be as involved as possible...knowledge is power.

I am looking forward to learning this site. And learning more to find a cure.


Terri <3

Welcome and I am glad that you found us. I am fairly new to the site myself and I am so happy that I stumbled across it. I have a daughter Chasey who is 6 and type 1. We found out when she was 4. We use a medtronic pump and she takes everything like a champ. 

I too believe that one day we will find a cure. I also agree with you that the more you know the better off you are.

I hope you find all the support and knowledge you are looking for among this incredible group of people.

Welcome Terri.  My son was diagnosed last Sept. one week after turning 3.  We have just switched from injections to the pump one week ago.  If there's anything I can do to help you as you transition, I'd be happy to.  And our kids are amazing, aren't they?  So resilient.  We have lots to be proud of.  Janet

welcome to juvenation :D you came to the perfect place!


Welcome, I my self have recently found this site and all ready have found everyone to be very supportive!  My son just turned 8 and was diagnosed 6 months ago.  Hang in there!  I often describe this journey as "it's like having a new born baby again!".  is your son on a pump?  My son is on needles until his is a year into it then we hope to switch to the pump.



Hi Terri, this a good place for you to get support and advice. We have many parents of type 1 diabetics here. I was diagnosed in 1945, when I was 6. After 65 years of diabetes I am very healthy. With your love and care for your child, there can be a long, healthy life ahead. Good luck to both of you in the months ahead!


Welcome Terri!  I hope you find this site as helpful as I have. Everyone here is so willing to share experiences and advise. I don't know any other parents of a T1 child in my area so this site has been wonderful.

Welcome Terri! I am new as well. My son is 3 yrs old and was diagnosed in March when he was 2.5 yrs old.


Richard, I must say that you are an inspiration to me and many here I am sure! You give me hope that my child will be able to lead a normal, healthy life!

Joining the crowd and saying Welcome!!

Welcome to Juvenation !!

Your son is going to be able to do everything he would have without diabetes, just maybe a little differently.  I was diagnosed 33 years ago and have traveled extensively, gone to college, have a busy job, and have a son of my own.  No major health issues or diabetes complications.

Try to find diabetic summer camps in your area.  I loved going as a kid. 

Once your diabetes routine settles in a little more, I'd also recommend some great reference books:

  • Think Like a Pancreas by Gary Scheiner
  • Using Insulin by John Walsh
  • Pumping Insulin by John Walsh
  • 50 Secrets of the Longest Living People with Diabetes by Sheri Colberg
  • The Diabetic Athlete by Sheri Colberg

thank you so much to everyone! and richard i saw you on the site shortly after i joined...and i want to say your stories have inspired me so much! as soon as i read how long you have had type 1 i started to cry and texted my husband immediatly. YOU give me so much hope for my son. THANK YOU for sharing your life with all of us.


thank you to everyone for sharing...the support and stories are much needed for me and my son to not feel alone. :)

thank you jenna! i love reading as much as i can about this. and we are already trying to find camps...he's super excited. we have also found a support group in our area. there is another boy his age in the group...i can't even begin to describe how excited he was when the little boy said his name and age and that he has type 1. seth has probably made a life long friend through this.

Heather and Terri, I am glad my longevity has given you som hope and inspiration. I guess being old does have some advantages after all! Lol!!!

haha! yes it does :O)