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Hi, I'm brand new to this site, but I just found out today that my four-year-old daughter is Type 1 diabetic. Still reeling from shock, but it does run on both sides of the family. We are supposed to meet with specialists in pediatric diabetes tomorrow, but am looking for a support network of other people going through this, and also looking for ways I can help further research, etc. Hoping I could find a friend or two that would be willing to lend info, etc. Thanks!

Welcome to our lovely community. I'm sure things are very shocking and different for you right now...especially because it's your daughter. But we are all here to help you in any way possible and there are many parents on this site that had to/are going through exactly what you are....this is definitely the place to connect and ask any and all questions you may have :)

Hi Sarah,

 I hate to say it, but, Welcome!  I would think that you are beside yourself (why?) With a little time and patience you and your daughter will work this out. You might want to check out the group, "parents with type one children". Your daughter can live a great life! I've been a type 1 for 43 years. Diagnosed at the age of 10, no compications. Best wishes to you and yours for getting through the hardest part, the beginning...


Hey Donnal,

just now i joined this site. I have a daughter 13yrs old. Two weeks back she was diagnosed with Type 1 diabetic. It was really a big shock for me and still i am not totally came out of it. Just now i saw your post and notice that @ 10yr age you got this T1D. Can you share your experiences with me as being parent to child, I am very much worried about my daughter and there are many questions in mind.

Its been 15 days my daughter's Insulin started but still BS levels are fluctuating. With this fluctuation doctor increase and decrease the doses. Initially Dr. told that with in 15 days doses of Insulin and BS level will be settled but in our case it still fluctuating.She has to take insulin injections for four times in a day.Is this life long same process or it reduces with time( number of injections) ? Now her schools are started. Even we communicated with school authorities but in my mind always tensions remains if any time her BS level goes low then whether she could cope up at that time ? So please share your experience which could be helpful for the kid and parent as well. Thanks. Vivek  


I'm so sorry your family is going through this.  Just wanted to encourage you by saying that your daughter's life will be different now, but she's still going to have a great life.

I was also diagnosed when I was 4 and am 38 now.  No diabetes complications.  I have a great husband and a 5-year-old son who isn't diabetic.  I've worked a lot of different jobs (camp counselor, event planner, backstage theatre work) and now work as a secretary at a community college while I'm earning a nursing degree. 

While I wouldn't have chosen diabetes, I do know that it's a part of me and has shaped the person I've become.  There are bad things about it but there are also good things. 

Here is a really big list of diabetes books.  When things calm down a little you might see if there's something you'd like.

And this link has the Pink Panther book that's published by my old doctor at the Barbara Davis Center for Childhood Diabetes in Denver.  Gives a good overview and may be helpful to family members and babysitters who take care of your daughter.

Take care.  -Jenna



Sarah and DonnaL welcome to the both of you. There is tons of helpful information on here from thousands of T1Ds and their experiences. Juvenation has been a great support resource to me.

 Good Luck to the both of you.

Hi Sarah and Vivek,

I am so sorry to hear about your daughter's recent diagnoses. It is a scary time with so many questions and answers are hard to understand or don't seem to really make you feel better. It DOES get better with time. My son was diagnosed when he was 3.5 yrs. We are coming up on 2 years since then in May. He does great with his D and enjoys school and being an active little boy. So far, I don't think there is anything he hasn't been allowed to do because of having diabetes. We just figure out a way for him to do it!

Another book that is very helpful for understanding Type 1 is "Think Like a Pancreas" by Gary Scheiner.

Please come back often and ask questions  - there are no silly questions! Or just feel free to dump out your feelings. I know that was the biggest surprise to me, how emotional I found (and still find) diabetes to be.

God bless,


Thank you for the site listing out the books. We were given the Pink Panther book yesterday by the clinic that is treating her T1D. I've heard it's REALLY informative, and my  husband started reading it last night and got some great info. I'm so amazed to see the outpouring of support after only three days, and I'm very grateful. Thanks for the message!

Take care,


Hey Sarah, My son is now four and was diagnosed at two. If you ever need someone to chat with im only a keyboard away use it because you will need it. It was rough in the beginning but it gets better with time like

Hello to all newcomers! You have been given great information. There are many type 1 diabetics who were diagnosed during their childhood, and have lived long, healthy lives. I was diagnosed 1n 1945, wnen I was 6, and am very healthy after 65 years of type 1. I will be attending a meet-up in Boston of long term type 1 diabetics. All of them have been type 1 for 50 years, or more.

Once your children have adjusted to the routine of diabetes management, they can have healthy and happy lives. Good luck to you and your children in the years ahead.


our 4 year old daughter was dxd in november. Sorry to hear someone else is going thru it but glad you found the right place to deal with it.

Thanks so much for your response! I look forward to the support of this site ( and giving support once we have a handle on it!). Thanks for your help!

LOL! Love the analogy! Thank you so much, can we "friend"?

Hi Richard,

That is so GREAT to hear! My grandmother was diagnosed at age 7. and she never let anything stop her. I wish the same for my little girl. My husband and aI wish so much that it could be taken off her and given to one of us, but that's not the case, and we are so lucky to find a site where we can connect with people like you! Thanks a million for your input!!!


Hello jvb,

I was 12 years old when my diabetes was discovered after my brother and I both had the mumps one summer and I began showing all the "classic" symptoms of diabetes----excessive thirst, extreme tiredness, and lost 25 pounds in a few weeks. I had never been sick at all, had almost perfect attendance in school, and it was a real shock for a teenager to have something like this happen, with all the other changes that happen to a teenager's body. But thanks to my mom, I made it through the terrible teenage years nwith diabetes, grew up, taught school for 32 years, and last year received my bronze medal for living with no major complicastions for 50 years on insulin from the Joslin Diabetes Center in Boston.  Let your daughter know that diabetics can live active, wonderful lives if they keep their sugar levels under good control.  Things in the diabetes world have changed so much better than in 1960 when I had to use the same needles over and over, sharpen them with sandpaper when they got dull, and boil the glass syringes daily.     

Hello Richard,

I just returned last weekend from Boston and the Joslin Center, and am so glad to be part of the research and the 50-year study.  Sarah told me today that we are part of a small select group of diabetics who are chosen to take part in the 50 year study. How often do they have the participants get together in Boston?