New... To the site

Hey everyone! I’m Marleah, and the (H) is there for a reason. Ha! I have type 1 diabetes and I don’t hate it, and I most deffiantly don’t love it either! I have no friends on here and I have no more close friends that have diabetes that I can talk to about it. Thanks for reading!

Hey Marleah, welcome to the forums. This place is definitely good to talk about diabetes-related things, if that's what you're looking for.

Hi Marleah,

My son is T1. I just joined recently. I am already finding a world of support here. There are many people your age on this site, and many older who offer such good insight. Keep reading--you'll love it!

Hi Marleah.  I'm in the same boat as you myself seeing as I just joined the site today.  I'm 26 and have had Type 1 Diabetes since for almost 5 years.  I'd be glad to be your friend on here.

Welcome to the site both Marleah and Nikki.  Many members here within your respective age groups and a valuable source of information this site provides.  No need to hesitate in friend requesting.

joe wants to be your friend(s)