New to This and Diabetes

My daughter, Mac, 9, was diagnosed Sept 28.  Before that, her health was great...she went through 2nd and 3rd grade without missing any school.  This year it seems she is bowled over by everything.  Since winter has hit, she has had pneumonia and strep throat.  Her blood sugar numbers are pretty good, and her first A1c was 6.4 which I think is pretty why do I still feel like I am failing her?  Most days we do ok--she is much more adapted than I am...but when I let myself think about how this is now her LIFE and that her life may mean jumping from illness to takes my breath away.  How long until I stop feeling so helpless??

Thanks for the insight.  There is no one in my family with this and it is all very new to me....I've read that most people feel overwhelmed at first ,but how long does that feeling last? And does it get easier as the kids get older, or harder with puberty?? So many questions.

I appreciate the site, and the help!

Hi, Kim!

Our 8-year old son was dx on 5/13/09.  I haven't noticed any change in his immune system or ability to deal with the usual cold and flu bugs that go around.  He has always been the last to catch something, had the mildest case, and covered the quickest of anyone in the family, and that continues to be the case now.  So, perhaps your daughter's challenge this year may not necessarily be an indication of "what's to come", but just that she's having a particularly challenging winter season, for whatever reason.

Her A1c is great, so you're doing a fabulous job managing her BS.  Each week brings a little more confidence, as I'm sure you've experienced.  Anytime I start feeling a little wobbly, I do some more reading, and ask some more questions, and get a little more information.  And, I try to remind myself that we've got truly fabulous tools for managing this disease now, think about how impossibly heartbreaking it would have been to try to care for a child with T1 20 years ago, and count our family's blessings.  As challenging as this disease is, our kid's odds are incredibly good that that will remain healthy, strong and vital for their entire lives.  I just try to take the challenges one at a time as they come, and keep moving forward one step at a time.

You're doing great, Kim.  Take a breath, and give yourself full credit for all that you do for your daughter.




Hang in there girl you are doing a WONDERFUL job!!! Just keep telling yourself ONE DAY AT A TIME. This has been a bad winter i think for every one every where. My daughter has more than her share of colds this year. I asked the doctor if it had anything to do with being diabetic. He told me no. As far as my daughter diabetes goes, she is doing wonderful! She just keeps getting one of many colds that are going around.... I know this can all be so very over whelming. It seems like just when you THINK you have gotten some what of a "routine" something happens. My daughter was diagnosed 12/09 so trust me i know what you are feeling.... Please don't ever think you are failing your daughter. BUT i do know what you mean. The one thing i'm learning is if i want the best for my daughter then i have to be at my best. Dont ever forget about YOU. I know its hard to do, but we have to do it. and hey, with a A1c of 6.4 lady you are far from failing!!! That is WONDERFUL!!  I'd love for my daughters to be that. I'd be happy if i could get hers below 10!!

Well, you just keep doing what you are doing cause evidently its right :)...and know anytime you need to vent or just want to share an experience we are all here for you. I've been on this sight since Dec and support i've gotten is like no other. I've learn more from just talking to other parents and other T1's then any book could teach me. We are all fighting this battle TOGETHER and TOGETHER we will ALL be winners!!!

Thanks, Mo.  I know you're right...I have often thought about what would happen if this were in, say, my grandparents time.  I would lose her, more than likely.  I am hopeful that with spring's approach, Mac's health will improve...we are all tired of snow and cold.

Is your son on a pump? Has that made much of a difference? How did you know you were ready for that?

Sorry for the barrage of questions...I appreciate all your help!!!



thank you so much...I think sometimes I just need to hear that we are ok, and will be ok.  As you said, it's that overwhelming thing.  It's hard to take a deep breath sometimes and get perspective, especially with all other busy thigns that life throws at know, work, laundry, grocery shopping, etc.  But it's good to know that there are other people out there like us not only surviving but thriving!

thanks for the help!


I would love to get my daughter's A1C down around 7. We were over 10 for a period of a couple months... eek! Last check was 8.4... moving in the right direction at least. My 10-year-old was diagnosed in March. She is starting to show signs of early puberty... and it scares me to death. I feel like we only have a couple days at a time of feeling like we have things even remotely under control ... and then we will have another 400 or a couple 50s in a row... it is SOOOO incredibly difficult to figure out. The good news is that we are handling the chaos so much better than we did the first couple months. The lows are a little less scary and the highs are a little less dramatic. And we moved to the OmniPod pump and LOVE IT!!!!! There are so many great reasons to pump insulin. And there are so many great reasons to go tubeless... let me know if you want more information on that.

Hang in there. I won't say it gets easy, but it definitely gets easier.

thanks for the support.

I read your bio too; it sounds like your Maya and my MacKenzie are similar in age.  We did have the ER...I too noticed little signs but with no diabetes anywhere in my family or friends, it was more this vague "I know something isn't right" sort of feeling.  She was only in for 3 days and has done her own shots and so on ever since.  But having things under control still scares me.  Mac tends toward being low...we've have several 30s and 40s which terrify me.  Luckily she is good at noticing her headaches and dizziness when she drops suddenly.  The lows scare me so much I still check her at 3 am every night.  Atlhough she was 573 when first admitted, she really hasn't had any HUGE highs since...a couple in the 200s.  I am really anxious to get her on a pump.  How long had Maya been diagnosed when she got hers? It's working well for her? Was the training hard for you, or her? There are 2 little boys in her school who are already on the pump so I think she's willing and ready as well, we just don't know when the doctor will let us take that step. What is the difference in pumps; why tubeless?

Sorry for bombarding you--no hurry in getting back to me.  It's just so amazing to have someone to talk to!--I have felt very alone in this for most of the last 5 months!


I too hope for you that this has just been a bad year for your daughter and she will have an easier time next year.  

 Lucas was allowed on the pump just a few months after he was dx and he was barely 3 years.  We LOVE it - he does too.  One time he broke it when he was 4 - riding a tricycle with it trailing behind him - he insisted on still having the broken pump in his pocket until the new one arrived.  He thinks it is a part of him.  One thing that happened with us - we had to pretty much start from scratch figuring out his insulin needs when he was switched so there was an adjustment period.  Maybe because we were still in the honeymoon period and he was still not predictable.  We had our first real highs right after switching - it was a little difficult as I did not really trust it yet.  So glad we stuck with it though.  As far as tubless or what - look into your options thoroughly and Mac and you can pick the one that fits you best.  Although the tubing is a pain now and then in the tricycle incident...this spring we are up for a new pump - I am hoping Animas comes out with their pump that has a CGM as part of it in the next few months.

We still check Lucas in the middle of the night  - every night.(in 9 days it will 4 years!)- some kids need it, others don't.  A couple times a week we either have a real high or real low in the middle of the night.  I still get overwhelmed occasionally but mostly I am fine.  Diabetes has really made our whole family keep a good diet and it has been a challenge that has made us all stronger.

Take Care,


Our family has been at this for a year now.  At first, I was so overwhelmed I missed 2 months of work.  Today; however, I feel more confident and know we can deal with all the ups and downs.  I do have days where I get sad an angry.  As times goes by you will have better days.  One thing,  it seems you have a great handle on her BG, keep it up.  I bet your daily vigalnce will pay off in the long run.  You are teaching her good habits that will last forever.


Hi Christine...I love your attitude...I hope I can grow into that.  I am ok until I think about how this is a lifetime, then I get overwhelmed.  I still check MacKenzie in the middle of the night too, although her issues tend to be Lows, not highs,and for the most part, if she is over 100 at bedtime, she is ok until breakfast.  I am paranoid so I still check her many night, but I am starting to relax. 

I am anxious for her to get a pump.  Was the training hard? I like her doctor and I have heard he is good but I have also heard he is slow to get kids on teh pump--figure on at least a year from dx--and although I am sure he has his reasons, it may end up being frustrating. I would like to get her on one this summer so that when she returns to school in the fall, it is something she is used to.  Was it tough to get used to?  There are 2 little boys who go to school with her who have theirs, so I think she is all for it.  It will probably be another something she just takes in stride and I have to adjust to!

Lucas sounds like a terrific kid, and I appreciate the support!



Thanks...I know that overwhelming feeling.  I don't get angy much, but I get sad for her.  I appreciate your support, and I am here on the days you need a shoulder too!