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My kiddo has been diagnosed about 6 weeks now. I know we are still in that honeymoon phase but sometimes he needs insulin… sometimes he doesn’t.

Is there a possibility that not giving him insulin for a meal will cause him to crash harder a few hours later? I will call his endo but wanted to see if the people in the thick of this disease could give me advice.

Hi, and welcome to TypeOneNation!

100% on calling the endo for medical advice, of course.

As for how we can help, offering emotional support and information about our own experiences, I’m just not sure what you mean in your question. If his beta cells are producing insulin, but unreliably (which is the hallmark of the honeymoon stage), then unfortunately you just can’t really be sure whether he’ll need an injection for any given meal or not.

If he needs the injected-insulin assist and doesn’t get it, you’ll know afterwards when his BG goes high. A “crash” is how people usually talk about a low, which would happen if you gave him insulin and his body decided to make some, too.

Your best bet for this (very stressful, I’m sorry!) phase is to follow your endo’s prescription, and check in with the CDE (Certified Diabetes Educator), who is usually easier to reach and faster to respond than the endo, for advice on adjustments.

But as I said, I’m not sure I understood the question, so if I just missed the boat entirely, please let me know and I’ll try again. :slightly_smiling_face:

The way I read your question it sounds like you are asking if his body will produce more of its own insulin to cover a meal (over compensate) if you do not give any externally - is that correct?
I understand being worried about him going low. If you don’t mind my asking, his old is he and had his doctor started him on a CGM?
I’m nearing 60 years with Type 1 so I can’t give any personal insights on your question but others might - please remember we’re sharing our findings on what worked for us (or did not) but we’re not medical professionals so do stay in close touch with your doctor.
There is a book titled Think Like a Pancreas, written by a person with Type 1 who works in the field. It’s both educational and a fun read, and you might find it to be a good supplement to your learnings.

Hi @chesnealance welcome.

Call the doctor for specific insulin questions.

In my experience, no, if I don’t inject insulin I will never end low. Insulin makes your blood sugar drop, food with carbohydrates makes blood sugar go up. This is for when I am making a little insulin as well as when I am making none.

“Crash hard” isn’t a blood sugar. The normal blood sugar in a person making insulin is 70-100 mg/dl. This could read 60-120 on a blood tester or CGM. If he’s making insulin, his body wants to be in the low 70’s.

During honeymoon it is often a good strategy to use insulin only when high, giving the body time. Adding insulin when you don’t need it will definitely cause a real low.

Please reach out to the Endo. I always recommend “Think Like a Pancreas ” as it is a very informative book. Cheers and good luck :four_leaf_clover:

Yes - that is exactly what I am asking. I am so new to this but yes we just had an appointment with our doctor yesterday and she is pleased with how he is doing.

Glad to hear his doctor’s pleased — and grateful to Dorie and Joe for their better reading comprehension skills! Our experience is the same as Joe’s on that score. Thanks for explaining, all!

If I were you, I would follow your diabetes team’s advice for basal insulin (long-acting) and bolus insulin (mealtime insulin) dosages. Since he is honeymooning, he may need frequent insulin adjustments. This is to be expected. Contact your team if he is consistently out of range for 2 or 3 consecutive days, and ask if they recommend insulin adjustments. Someone once observed that the “honeymoon period” should be called “a bad divorce.” :wink: