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T1D going on 51yrs (diag. at 10yrs old), no real comps to complain about other than being hypo unaware. But since I am very much in touch with my mind and body, at least there are little clues that tell me to at least check my levels. Anyway, what I am looking for is a local support group in my area (FL, Pasco county, New Port Richey) Did a web search with no luck, which kind of surprised me, do I need to start calling the local hosp’s one by one to see if they have such groups. Strictly looking for a T1D group, because they get it!!! I guess you all can understand that. Thanx.

Hi! I had the same problem near me, and after exploring the pre-existing ones that were not working for various reasons, I started a MeetUp for Adults with Type 1. It’s been very successful, and I’m happy to share my experience if you like. I don’t even have agendas for the monthly gatherings - just name the place and time, and spread the word via social media, friends, and local papers/websites, and boom! people will come. You aren’t the only one looking, and MeetUp is a very widely used website for finding people near you who want the same things in a social group. Here’s a link to our group: You may like looking around to get ideas, but feel free to ask any questions! Also, JDRF has been spreading the word for me too! If you have a local chapter, they’re worth looking into too! Good luck! -Kimberly

Hi @RoadieRider,

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Like you I’m in Florida, a few miles south, just south of Bradenton. I haven’t found any T1 support groups - the two hospitals near here do have Type Two groups.
On July 4th I’ll begin my 60th year trying to learn how to live with diabetes - just keep learning more and more about myself. I too have developed a hypo unawareness in the last few years - just need to keep a better watch of how I’m feeling.
Someone once told me that there is a T1D group that meets at the USF medical school but that is further than I want to regularly travel.

hi @Roadierider, you can always check with the JDRF for a local chapter go to and select “JDRF Near You” at the top of the screen.

I could not find a regular support meeting (in New Jersey)… but your luck may be different. I find that these self-help websites can be a good alternative to a in-person meeting. working on my 37ish years with this, good luck to you!