New to this site

Hi everyone, I'm on here hoping to connect with other type1 parents, and also to find a local support group in my area, I'm in the Cols Ohio Area ( Newark ) Thanks

I'm actually the one with diabetes (not a parent of a child with diabetes) but wanted to welcome you to the site.  You will find many experienced, cool parents here.  

Contact JDRF and see if there are groups in your area.  Once your son gets a little older I really recommend finding a diabetic summer camp in your area.  Camp is the best and your child will get to meet other people who know what it's like and also give you a little break from the diabetes management.

We're glad you're here.

Thanks Jenna, I'm looking forward to finding a few other type1 parents on here. It makes it so nice when you can share information and suggestions. What area do u live in?

I live in Tulsa, OK now.  

As a child I lived in Minneapolis where I was a patient of Dr. Donnell Etzweiler, one of the nations biggest advocates for diabetes education.  Later we moved to Colorado and I went to the Barbara Davis Center for Childhood Diabetes.  I've been blessed with great physicians, even though I didn't always do what they told me. =)

Hi Heidi. I live in Alberta, Canada. I have an 11 year old daughter who is T1D. This is a very helpful site with lots of little tips and support available. Hope you like this site.

Where are you Shandra? We are from Medicine Hat. My daughter is 4.

We are in Grande Prairie, Jen. When was your daughter diagnosed? It’s been almost two years for us. My husband was transferred back here after one year in Newfoundland. They have an excellent program there, and she has a pump now. It makes such a difference for her. Can’t wait till they implement the pump program here. Hopefully spring of 2013. :slight_smile: Is there a good support program in Medicine Hat?

Hi Heidi, We have a good parent support group that meets for fun on the west side of Cleveland. People come from  as much as an hour away. If you can't find one near Columbus you could visit ours sometime.

Shandra, My dtr was diagnosed nearly a year ago. We pump with Omnipod.  There isn't a lot of local support here, but I am part of the Canadian Parents of Type 1 group on FB.  I find that to be such an excellent community of help and support!  Are you part of that? Its been such a god send! If not and you are interested I can add you.  You just have to 'friend' me on FB first.  Search Jennifer Steier and my profile pic is my dtr climbing a tree ;)

Jen, I’d love to. I’ll do my best to find you on FB. If I can’t find you, my name is an easy one to find. Not many shandra’s on there! My last name is Flynn.