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I take multiple shots daily, its just what I have to do know. I tried to just take it once but then I got kinoacid blah blah blah I dont know how to spell it, but I think you all know what I am talking about, but yeah I got that and literally was on my death bed it was crazy.

DKA! Diabetic ketoacidosis…nasty stuff. Been in it twice myself, first at diagnosis and then a few years later after a bad stomach virus. Welcome to MDI. Taking injections is a drag, but you will feel so much better. I got to the point where I was taking Lantus 2x/day and several bolus injections, so I went on the pump 12 years ago. Maybe you will get there yourself soon - it gives you such freedom! Just focus on getting in the rhythm of MDI for now, and checking your BG’s several times a day, at least before meals and before bed, and 2 hours after meals when you can. You can do this!

Yes, DKA I have had and I believe it was once from a virus as well. After having DKA, I now drink lots and lots of water whenever I get sick whether I want to or not!! I thought I was going to die! Angivan, you said that you like the pump. What was your initial thought before becoming a pump user? It is easy for me to hide my syringes, pens, etc. Basically, I can hide my diabetes from anyone, unless I get caught, LOL, we all have experienced that!!! How easy is it to conceal a pump?