New to this

Hi, I just came upon this group and have found it very informative. I am 32 and have had T1D since I was 3. I have been married for a little over a year and we started talking about having a baby at the beginning of this year. I got on the insulin pump in April (never could get under great control with Lantus and Humalog and working 12hr night shift.) My a1c went from 8 to 6.8 after 3 months on the pump and although i was really skeptical of the pump at first I'm so glad I did it now and wish i would have long ago. I am curious if anyone that has been pregnant or is trying has any other diabetic complications. I have mild nephropathy and also retinopathy. My OB-GYN wanted to me to get the pump and get under good control and get the ok from my endocrinologist, nephrologist and eye doctor. I did all those things and went to my OB-GYN today to get my MIrena (IUD) out and she still wants me to wait to start trying. I know I do have to see maternal fetal medicine for preconception counseling. But after leaving her office today I'm a little discouraged. Any thoughts?

My A1c was a 9.7 and 3 months on the pump I dropped down to a 6.7! Pump therapy may not be for everyone, but it was a miracle for me! How long has your A1c been at a 6.8? I know most doctors want you to have a good, controlled A1c for a minimum of 6 months before you get pregnant. I also know that different doctors will tell you different things. When I first got pregnant I left my OBGYN's office in tears because he told me my spikes were going to cause a birth defect to my baby. I left the office feeling like a horrible person and thinking I was going to cause harm to my baby. I found another OBGYN who assured me that my current A1c of a 6.5 was wonderful and that I shouldn't be worried about anything. Guess he was right because I now have a perfectly healthy and beautiful 11 month old girl. I had minor complications through out pregnancy, but nothing unbearable.

I'm due to have it drawn again in Nov., it will be the second draw since I started the pump. Thanks for the input. I was just all revved up to start trying in like a month and I left the Dr. feelling a little shot down :(