New to Type 1...looking for support for my family

Hi Everyone...

I am a bit new to this whole thing...sort of.  My son was just diagnosed in January of almost a year ago.  I was a very bizarre set of circumstances.  He was not even 2 yet and he just started acting strange.  First indicator was the extreme thirst and urination...this went on for about a week.  His diapers would just blow out.  I mentioned to my husband that I was a bit concerned as I knew those were symptoms of Diabetes.  I did some research online which only added to my concern.  Then he really stated acting strangely...he was lethargic (he is usually very active) and threw up two time.  My son is NOT an vomiter...LOL.  My husband was even more concerned than I was as he had a niece that was diagnosed at the same age as my son (she is 20 now) and he saw a LOT of similarities between how our son was acting.  It was still really strange because he wasn't really acting "sick" he was just a bit off.  I had taken him to daycare that day and told them to keep an eye on him and let me know if he acts strangely.  They called me a few hours later and told me that he was just laying down and being very lethargic.  So I immediately left work and brought him to the pediatrician.  They knew I was coming in and we got a urine sample while I was there and sure enough he was throwing VERY LARGE amounts of sugar in his urine.  They told us to go straight to the ER and that we would probably be there for a few days.  I was in shock I think and was thinking I am sure this is a mistake and that he will be fine.  I think I actually asked the DR.  Does this mean he is Diabetic? He said to me probably, but the hospital would run tests and tell me for sure...and they did.

We were in the hospital for about 6-days.  Then 5 days after we got home, we were back in the hospital for another 3 days.  He had caught the flu in the hospital.  It was probably the worst two weeks of my life.  All the education was overwhelming...I (we – husband and I)  didn’t see how I would ever be able to do all this:  Shots, Blood Sugar testing, ketones, etc.  All of it seemed like a foreign language. Now here I am...a year later and I can't believe how far we have come.  I can even tell if he is throwing sugar without even testing his urine.

Having a 2-year old with Type 1 has its own special challenges...the eating strikes are awesome...NOT.  It is impossible to force a toddler to actually eat what he should and at the times he should.  He is very stubborn, strong-willed, little guy.  People say he gets that from me LOL.  When he was diagnosed his AC1 was 10.6...we have been able to get it to WAS at 8.4 but has gone back up a bit.  Over the summer he fell and got a spiral fracture of the left femur and had to be put back in the hospital for about 4 days...he was in a body cast from his chest down both legs...that was honestly one of the most difficult things ever.  But...made his diabetes very east to manage as he was stationary and was eating very regularly...he is back to "normal" now which is why his AC1 went back up a little.  I know they would like to see it lower and I am trying so hard but again...he is 2 (will be 3 in Feb) and he just does not understand why he needs to do certain things.

Anywho...this got really long and complicated...LOL.  I am very excited to meet other Moms/people with Type 1.  I could really use some help and my head is a bad place sometimes with all the doubt that I have about the job I am doing with him.  I am so scared for him and his future that I am going to do something that is going to cause him health problem when he is older.

Thanks anyone who answers this long-winded post...LOL.