New transmitter mistake help

Hey whoever uses G6 with T:slim x2 IQ pump - this was my first time having to replace my transmitter, for some reason I thought if I did it all on my phone app which I did it would transfer data to the pump but it only did the sensor that I also replaced at the same time. I cannot now access the Transmitter button on the pump - it still has the old transmitter SN…what should I do. I’m betting someone could advise me quicker than tandem can get to me in the que on support line. did anyone ever do this? thanks mary

PROBLEM SOLVED…i’m curious tho at the end of support help she asked me what my BG was…hahaha i guess if it were real low it would make sense why I couldn’t figure it out…idk…


Yeah, it’s not so weird after you’ve done it :grinning:. For future info, if you use Facebook you might want to join the Tandem T-Slim X2 Users group or the Tandem Diabetes Control-IQ Users group. You can get fast answers there.

Looks as if your wait for Tandem assistance wasn’t too long, Mary @Disco2

I had a similar, but different, occurrence when popping in a new transmitter during mid-cycle of a sensor. What I now intend to do on all transmitter changes [one due within two weeks], is to enter S/N directly on my pump - it is always within 23" of my belly - and then do whatever the phone needs done.

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I’ll definitely join the tandem group thanks for letting me know. M

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