New Years Resolutions!

Mine are--Focus on the positive and move foward :)

Stopping smoking for the new granddaughter on the way.

continue to surround myself with good friends and family and make sure i let those i love know i care cuz you never know how long you've got.

My New Years resolution is to participate in the LA marathon and to surround myself around positive people.

Do my best on the MCATs

Getting control of my blood sugars and focusing on getting healthier

to eat less sweets... i have a really big sweet tooth!

Melanie, Me too! ugh. I don't think I could ever keep to a resolution LOL

I would say my resolution would have to be to exercise more. I have been slacking in that area since I started working again. Focus more on a healthier lifestyle.


be better on my my control and count carbs better, learn how to insert my own insertion, and do good on finals!

hang out with friends and family!

To make it with more ups than downs for myself and my daughter.

Write down my readings.

to live happily and healthily

to go to church - no more excuses

to get better grades in school and hopefully get into an art show :)

to exercise more 

3x a week

I'm going to work towards running a race- hopefully a 10k next fall! Time to get my butt in shape!

Don't really do resolutions but I do have a few I wouldn't mind getting done:

Get the tattoos I have ideas for and find, enter, and win at least one fight

Develop better study habits and stop binge drinking.

Gina-I found your new group-Exercise and Fitness.......add that to my New Year Resolution list-I joined,ha!!

I never keep my resolutions, but I've already been working on eating better for the past 2 weeks. So, my resolution is to keep improving in that area!