Hi i am new to juvenation my son is 2 yrs old and was born without a pancreas and without a gallbladder he is on 3 diff kinds of insulin and meds to help keep his food in he has severe diabetes sugars can get as high as 700 and as low 20.He just recently had a feeding tube put in and we are hopeing he will gain weight.The surgeons told us after surgery that they dont know how he is alive.Most doctors look us like oh my gosh when they see the pictures taken of his stomach.He is truly a miracle and god has given us an amazing child you would never know from the outside he is sick because he is a happy normal 2 yr old.But a very small one he only weighs 17 pounds.I just want to get his story out so that people can see that  there is hope and there are miracle because he has proven every doctor in this world wrong..

I'm so happy and proud of you and your baby! I have 3 friends with similar conditions as your son from diabetes camp. They are all tough strong people with amazing stories. =) I was always impressed at how good they were at taking all their pills (cuz gosh i only took insulin) so they could digest the rest of their food. And even though the scars on them were huge one girl was so awesome that she wore a bikini!! she was simply stunning! =)

Keep moving  the world in the right direction!