Hi, My name is Justine I have T1 and have been on the pump for 10 years, recently went on the CGM. I have found it helpful in some situations, I for example have foudn the stress at work greatly effects my BG more so than I ever knew. It has been somewhat disappointing in that I though I had a good handle on it but not so sure now.It is extremely frustrating when you follow all the rules and do the right thing and it does not work...

welcome to juvenation, justine. we've all had our frustrations with diabetes. there are lots of folks on here who use the cgm + insulin pump, so if you have questions you can always seek them out (i don't, otherwise i'd offer some help too!).

good luck with everything! this is the best place to go for support and friends :o)

Welcome :)

Hi Justine!

I am also a pump and CGM user.  I use the Animas Ping, and the Dexcom CGM.  The CGM data has been very helpful for me, both in knowing how food and exercise affect me.  I find that I can be a little bit obsessive about it, too - checking it every 5 minutes and obsessing over the results - but, that kind of behavior can be said about a few things in my life.  :)

I can definitely relate to your statement of thinking you're doing everything right, only to find out things didn't go as you expected.  If you ever want to talk, shoot me a message!


Hi Justine...Welcome to Juvenation.  I am a former pump wearer....but had too many complications.  Stress is a number one cause of my highs....I know how you've come to the right place to vent and chat!!

hi i am t1 how consistant and tough is your cgm.  i am very active and out side all the time.

I just started the cgm about 4 weeks ago so I started off pretty open with the low set for 70 and the high at 200. My hope is to tighten it, but I am also pretty active so that will need some careful planning. I have found it helpful though with determining when the activities effect me and how. We are outside alot wiht hikinh, walking/running the dog, and I love yard work, we have been landscaping so it has been interesting to see the effects. I try not to obsess over the graph to often but it is definetly given me insight. Also have seen just how stress and what kind of stress effects me.


thanks. It has just been hard some times with so few people who seem to really know about diabetes and esepcially Ti but yet feel the need to tell me what they think I should do. I was working for an eye docs office, had many technicians who felt they knew more than me. They relate most diabets to T2 though. Thanks for the ears:)