My daughter is 22 months and diagnosed nov13 we are still in hospital would love to hear some experiences. My name is BrittanyByrd

hello BrittanyByrd,  I am glad you found us!  The first bit, when you are trying to learn and you see there is so much to take care of this - can be with worst.  Hope you are getting the support you need.  Please also reach out to your JDRF local chapter (you can locate them on the JDRF website).

there's a bunch of us here taking care of kids, and I am sure you will get many people talk through their experiences.  

there's another bunch who have had type 1 diabetes a long time (I am in this group, diagnosed in the 70's) and so if you have questions please feel free to ask.

I'm  trying to get a walk set up in my hometown there is not a lot of awareness out there for it. My daughter was in dka for about 2 weeks I took her to her dr. And the emergency room finally the 2nd emergency room visit the dr caught it.

The closest support group is 45min away so I'm really hoping I'll b able to make a difference

That's awesome that you're already getting so involved, Brittany! It's a big learning curve, but you and your daughter will be just fine. I'm glad you found this site too; there are so many smart and experienced people here who will be able to give you support.

I got T1 when I was 4, and I'm now 27. T1 has not been a struggle for me; it's just an adjustment. I think that being diagnosed at such a young age, as heartbreaking as it is for you as a mom, will set her up for really good control as she goes through life. I often say that I was lucky to have been diagnosed so young because life with diabetes is the only life I know. In other words, I didn't have a big lifestyle change that required me to alter my eating habits/etc.

As others have said, T1 will allow your daughter to lead a normal, healthy life. It'll just require a little more discipline than normal, and some adjustments that you'll learn along the way. I'll be thinking of you and your family!

It's a lot of work and your life is going to get a lot busier but it is manageable. Having the support group is a wonderful idea. That's so young to have this disease!