Newbee :)

Just wanted to say hello. I just found this site and am excited to learn from you all and maybe put a little two cents in myself :) I've been T1 for 16yrs, on MM pump for 6yrs and CGM for 1month. Trying to conceive our first child soon, soooo it's time for me to crack down! Glad to be here :)

We're happy you joined this site! Good luck on your hopefully-soon-to-be baby! This is a great place to come for information and friendship. We look forward to your contributions! :D Welcome to Juvenation. :o)

Hi Lisa, welcome aboard! You have a good start with 16 years . Looks like you are married too, congrats!  We can have long, healthy lives with type 1 if we take very good care of ourselves. I have been type 1 for 65 years and am doing well. Good luck with your diabetes, and your baby.


Welcome, Lisa!!!

Good luck with conceiving.  My endo and OBGYN are helping me to bring down my A1c's so I can be prepared for conceiving as well.  Wishing you and your husband the best and I hope you'll find us positively helpful & supportive.

Welcome to Juvenation Lisa !