Newbie Here :)

Hey does anyone here have issues with their sugars and that time of the month? Sometimes my sugars stay really good but then other times they just really sky rocket and I am noticing that it happens more often than not during that time of the month.

My sugars are usually lower during that time, but like you say, sometimes they go up instead...  I have been diagnosed with polycystic ovaries so I am on a new birth control, it's been close to a year and things don't seem predictable at all.  A fun guessing game, huh? 

Hi Jana,

Oh don’t you just love the guessing game lol? When I was in my early 20’s I was put on the pill to correct a hormone imbalance.

I was on the pill for like 18 yrs or so then I got diagnosed with breast cancer and do you know what the dr. did TOOK ME OFF MY PILLS.

Now thats just a cruel joke to play on a worman lol.

I have been cancer free for 10 yrs now but I am still trying to know when I am due so its that fun guessing game your talking about and its not fun at all. lol

I can ALWAYS tell mine is on its way cause my sugars are through the roof, but once its here my sugars are perfect. For well over 15 years thats how its always been for me.  You are not alone