Newbie Pump Question

My son who is 3 has been on the pump for about seven weeks.  I have a quick question that I cannot figure out.  We use the animas pump and there are not many times I do a correction when I don't give him carbs but when I do use the ezBG selector it seems like it makes him go low when I do the correction.  Is there a setting that controls this?  What says "this is how many points you go down per unit of insulin?"


I did ask our animas team member about this but I think at the time her answer wasn't clear so I don't remember what it was...Thanks!!!!!

I am on the OmniPod but I don't think that matters to answer your question.  Do you know what your sons insulin sensitivity ratio is? You most likely tested this along with his insulin to carb ratio when he was first either diagnosed or put on the pump.  I know that my insulin sensitivity ratio is 1:50  -  for every one unit of insulin, my blood sugar is brought down by 50.  I use this ratio every time i need to make a correction bolus whether with eating or not.  You should talk to his CDE or Endocrinologist if you don't know these numbers, they will help you figure them out.  I hope that answers your question. Sorry if it doesn't!

No I don't but I will work on figuring that out.  There is an insulin sensitivity factor on the pump and his is set at 120...If that is what is controlling the correction I will figure out exactly what it means...we did adjust it one time up but I'm thinking maybe a little more now  I'll research thanks!

Hi Jennifer. My son just started using the Animas Ping a few weeks ago also. It is the Insulin Sensitivity Factor (ISF) that determines how much correction he gets. One more thought; what is his Insulin On Board set to? Brandan's is set for 3 hours. That setting will factor in the insulin already in his system and deduct from the correction dose. I think we may need to switch to 2 hours, which is something I will discuss at his endo appointment tomorrow. We've been adjusting his settings every few days and we're still trying to get it right, but it's getting better. Good luck.

Payne's is also set to 3 hours...That was the next issue I was going to tackle  I'm not fully sure his IOB is working correctly.  What makes you think you need to move it to 3 hours.


I just made another setting for 12AM ISF to 140 and 9AM ISF to 120 which is what it was before all's usually at night when we do the corrections that make him go way low.


We have been having that low issue since day one at night even though his basal is way low...they would just have me give him half of what it told me to give him on correction which didn't make sense to me and I kept asking well can't we get the pump to do it right?  I just couldn't figure out what the setting was...we will watching the corrections close now that I now what is controlling it!

The ISF (Insulin Sensitivity Factor) can change throughout the day. I am much more sensitive to insulin during the night than during the daylight hours. One unit of insulin will lower my BS 12 points during the day , but by midnight it will lower my BS 30 points. If I have a late snack before bedtime and the bolus is going to last beyond midnight then I have to take that into account to avoid a bad low after going to sleep. Many people do not realize the ISF can vary like that. The carb ratios can vary throughout the day too. I think most diabetics do realize the latter statement though.

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Payne's is also set to 3 hours...That was the next issue I was going to tackle  I'm not fully sure his IOB is working correctly.  What makes you think you need to move it to 3 hours.


His correction didn't seem to be working a lot of the time, so I cheated a couple times and ignored the suggested deduction for IOB and it seemed to work better. His endo agreed with me today and told me to set it back to 2 hours. She didn't know the nurses had me set at at 3 hours to start with. Hopefully this will make a difference, along with a basal change. Brandan's ISF also changes from day to night. He only has 2 ISF settings so far.