Newly Diagnosed 11YO ISO Pen Pal

My daughter is a recently diagnosed Type 1 diabetic. She is an avid lacrosse player and stays busy with friends and other activities. That being said her friends are very supportive but don’t really understand her daily challenges with T1D management. I am hoping to connect her with another child/tween that shares he same interests to chat with… Thoughts? Suggestions?

Hi! My name is Emily and although I am 21 years old, I grew up playing soccer and still am very active. I’d love to answer any questions you guys might have!

Thank you Emily.

Tournament season is coming up. She plays lacrosse, so any suggestions on nutrition before/during tournaments would be great

They are long days so making sure she eats right and stays hydrated is a huge unknown right now.

R, Beth (her proud mom)

I don’t know if someone has told you this before, but I used to drink water with a bit of gatorade mixed in it so there is some sugar constantly in the system. Also, a banana or apple before games will reduce the risk of low blood sugar. Lots of protein if possible throughout the day for each meal (everyday I eat two egg whites and 1 whole egg with turkey bacon for breakfast and usually chicken/turkey/roast beef, etc. for lunch/dinner. Hopefully these small tips can help you guys! Good luck to your daughter in the upcoming tournament season!

She has been drinking Propel and Powerade Zero. I didn’t know about adding the small amounts of powder to the water. I will look into that. Thanks for the suggestion.

I will be sure and have some bananas and apples on hand. I have been giving her a Kind bar (17g carbs) before games, but the longer days with multiple games in a single day is a new challenge.

I will be sure and have some protein heavy snacks on hand.

Thanks so much for the information.

Beth @bkokoruda, I’m not a child your daughter’s age with whom she might connect, but I do have 60+ years living with diabetes and managing very active living. As @emilymelendez suggests, I too recommend that instead of drinking plain water during games and other strenuous activities that you mix in some [hit or miss will help you learn how much] powered “regular” Gatorade.

The Gatorade will help maintain glucose in her system to help fee her muscles and will also slow down dehydration. When bicycling I usually use a three-quarter strength and when walking 3+ miles in warm weather [I live in florida] I use one-half strength. Just use this as a guide. Be aware that dehydration may cause very high BG Levels and it may be difficult to determine whether the sugar or dehydration causes a higher BG. Also when walking or cycling I carry nut & chocolate granola bars - 17 grams carb total with only 7 grams sugar - these bars will give my BGL a nudge up and also extend a sufficiently high BG without giving me a high spike.

Best wishes for her in her games - and a wish for you, caring mom, that you can relax enough to enjoy her excitement.


Thank you so much for the post and suggestions. I will be applying them to her sport regiment.

Thank you, Beth