Newly diagnosed and no real lows

So I was diagnosed March 5, 2009 and still have not had a real low. My lowest blood sugar reading has been 70. I start getting shaky and sweaty at about 90.  I was wondering if this is normal or not. It seems weird that it has been almost 3 months and still nothing scary has happened! (I'm certainly not complaining!!!!)  Thanks for any input!




You will see the answer YMMV (your mileage may vary) more times on more forums for reasons just like this.  I don’t remember (it has been a lonnnnng time) many/any real major lows until after my honeymoon period was over – but that may just be me being forgetful.  The reality with most things D, however, is that we’re all pretty different.  The guidelines are good and you will find where you and your body match up with the textbook and where you do not over time.


I expect you will hear from a number of folks who have more experience and a better time relating it but I figured I’d offer up my cent and a half ;)






I would say, take it and run! I had a low the first week back at school after being dxd...I felt horrible, shaky and sweaty and dizzy. Not a good feeling. I think some people start feeling low at different levels; some feel it at 90 like you, others it gets to 60. It can also depend on time of day, etc. as I have experienced. Sometimes I catch lows, other times I don't feel them till I'm in the 50s.

For me when I was newly diagnosed I had no real lows. I can't really remember when I had my first major low, but it was at least a year or so post diagnosis. I mean if you get the warning signs around 90 and recognize them it is good to know what they are. This way if a real low ever starts to come you know what you are experiencing and what you have to do. That was one thing I never remember being told about by my Endo. I mean how to treat high's and lows but never the symptoms and warning signs.

I'm definitely running with it!! it has made the transitition a lot easier.  I'm not taking much insulin but i have brought my a1c from 14 to 9.8 in 2 months. I'm taking 6 units lantus at night and counting carbs at meals with a 1 to 9 ratio...

So it's been's interesting to hear others stories! thanks!


When I was first diagnosed I had been running high SO much that I was sort of like you, I felt low all the time, but it was mostly because my body was adjusting to being in a normal range?

I think my first real bad low was when I had been diabetic for several months and everything was pretty normal.  Then lows came quite often to the point of hypo unawareness.

Hopefully this won't happen to you because it's very bothersome ...but workable.  Good job on your A1C improvement.

That's great about your A1c!! Soon you will be at a healthy 7. (0r whatever your endo suggests as "healthy" for you, it seems to vary lol).

I'm kind of stunned at your Lantus dose!! WHen I transitioned to the pump two years ago, I was taking about 30 units of Lantus! But maybe you are "honeymooning" (where your body is still producing a little insulin, this phase ends a few months to a year or so after your diagnosis). Interesting to hear other people's insulin doses :-)

Sounds like you're doing a wonderful job, hang in there and don't worry about not going low! As long as you aren't consistently running really high, you'll be fine.

Well i have had Type 1 for 3 years and am on the pump..... and still get shakey and just feel funny...... yes it is normal, so don't feel on your own..... I still havent hade a real bad low yet.(Boy am I lucky.) 

Thanks for writing!! I think part of the low amount of insulin is due to the fact that i am super skinny and also probably still honeymooning. I'm looking forward to getting on a pump very soon...when school gets out. i'm looking at the omnipod.

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I'm looking forward to getting on a pump very soon...when school gets out. i'm looking at the omnipod.


Yay-- good luck! I'm sure you will really like the pump. And some even come with cgms to monitor your bg and show trends so you can catch highs and lows before they hit :-) I don't have a cgm but hope to get one in the coming years! One is available with my pump (MM Paradigm 722) but I just don't have it.

Anyway, have fun pump shopping!!