Newly diagnosed from type 2 to type 1

I just found out in December that I am type 1. I now have to take insulin with my dinner and one at night. I am still learning but my glucose levels go up overnight. I don’t understand why they go up when i am sleeping. How do I control this, does anyone have an idea?

Well Jerri @Wyerflower, welcome to our world of autoimmune diabetes amd a Warm Welcome to TypeOneNation - a place dedicated to you and others living with T1D.

I do not want to sound “too flip” responding to your question, but the simple answer is with insulin which your body has ceased producing. The longer answer, which sounds very simple but in reality is very complex, is that “good” diabetes management is balancing food, activity and insulin. A very delicate balance that I’ve been working at mastering for more than 60 years. Even though I say a “very delicate balance”, TypeOne Diabetes should not prevent you from living a full, active and fulfilling life.

You will have many questions as life progresses so feel free to ask here for suggestions. Your best start is gathering a professional team to guide you; I suggest a knowledgable endocrinologist and if you can fgind one, a CDE [Certificated diabetes educator] you knows T1D.

Good luck!

If your blood sugars go up during the night, there are several possible reasons. Do you know what time they start going up? That’s an important part of finding the correct answer. Here are a few possible reasons for the rise:

  • you’re eating too late in the evening. Try not to eat after 8 PM. I know, that’s hard.
  • you’re not taking enough insulin with your evening meal. Are you carb counting and adjusting your insulin to match?
  • the insulin or other medication you’re using to cover background insulin needs, your “basal” insulin, is not enough.
  • you have “dawn phenomenon,” a body function that can start raising your blood sugar in the morning hours.

I suggest you discuss these points with your doctor. If your doctor is not an endocrinologist, try to go to an endocrinologist, now that you’re T1, a general practitioner is probably not knowledgeable enough

Thanks. I eat dinner at about 5pm and don’t eat anything after that. My sugars are good after dinner but they seem to go up at midnight until about 2 or 3 before they come down. I don’t know why though.


If you are not using an insulin pump, you might need one to get more control over basal insulin. Blood sugar rising about 7 hours after you eat could be caused by a number of things, but the most obvious suggestions are:

  • eating dinner that is high in protein or fat can cause delayed rise in blood sugar.
  • see point in reply above about basal coverage.
  • gastroparesis, but that would cause delayed high blood sugars after most meals, not just dinner.

Because of the complexities that need to be considered, I think you really need the help of an endocrinologist to help you sort this out. Good luck.

I know I am late to this conversation but I was also misdiagnosed. December must be the month to catch mistakes because that is when I had to be tested after ending up in the ER. I went through the same hunger issues and middle of the night highs. I had to make some lifestyle adjustments. I was curious if you have resolved this issue and if so how