Newly Diagnosed -Grade six

I was newly diagnosed on july 7,2012. In the hospital i was weak, i couldn't talk, walk, sit, through the first 2 days @ the hospital.  I was begging the nurses for food because i couln't understand why i wasn't allowed to eat. but i had relatives visit me and brring me gifts throughout the days. i was healing more and more but i was getting a short temper as i wanted only certain people to be there like my mom or grandma. While i was more healthy i was afraid of leaving because nurses arent always there to help me. i was exited but nervous because the only needles i got in my whole life was at the dentist, i didn't even get an imunization as a baby so these were the first needles ever, i mean at the hospital they were taking blood every three hours constantly. And of course checking my blood sugar. But i learned at a four day session at the hospital i was at. i learned and cryed but i learned the most importantt hing is that it is okay to express your feelings and to try something new like how i tried pens instead of Painful needles that are twice as long as the pens length. after i started going home i realized when i was jealous of how other people who dont have diabetes can just pig out and eat whatever they want, i dont have to be because it is unhealthy to just eat constantly. My mom had a friend over named leaha who has been a proffesional clown, proffesional trainer, workshop facilitator and some other jobs, leaha told me that men and women in the olympics or boxers etc.... eat on a schedule like us. but they have less sugar and we barely get sugar. Leaha said to think of a song that relaxes you and when you give yourself needles rest ice on it and think of the song (mine is adele love song)but quickly nut gentley jab the needle in before the ice moisture (painkiller) from evaporating. like a song you could find an activitee that amuses you and it will get your mind off of diabetes. I like to watch A.N.T farm, or go on the pc, on,, and

Its been about one week out of the hospital and i have a medical card, medical alert bracelet, going to get a watch and got a bag of hope from JDRF. in the bag of hope i got a bag, some flyers, a white board emergency check list and ruby the teddy bear. Ruby iis a bear who has diabetes and has felt patches on her to practice finger pokes and needles. it comforts me to know that im not the only in the world that needs  needles. Thanks for reading and tell me if you have similairities apart from me.....



P.S. i am ten and got diabetes at the beginning of summer vacation,
































Sarah hon,

You are doing sooo well!!! I know diabetes can be tough at the beginning, but after some time it will be like brushing your teeth!  Keep the awesome work up, and let your little light shine!!

xxx Jess

Thanks I love having People follow me and help me out i will do the same for you



My daughter just went through the same thing in May.  You expressed it so well in your post.  It stinks.  She hates that she has to figure carbs and take insulin and check her sugar.  And the rest of us just sit down to eat.  One thing that has helped her is that we all wait until she is ready to eat.   Her older brother has to figure out his calories, just to be fair.  

She is nervous about school, but her friends will be there helping her through.   I will tell her your idea about a song.  She likes the pens much better.  

Keep being so positive.    

  I am an 11 year old 6th grader who also got diabetes during summer break.   I understand. sometimes it's complicated. i hate it and i wish i could become some kind of scientist and you know, CURE THE STUPID DISEASE!! And man'o'man it's hard but you gotta persevere and try to live thru it.Thanks for reading and please reply.--ununderstandable

P.S. i like club pengiun too (visit my igloo. supermaxO2 is my pengiun name)

Hi ununderstandable.  I understand you :-D  You can become that scientist that develops a cure.  Nothing like some motivation to keep you working toward a goal.  One of the coolest cure ideas I've heard was to put some pancreatic islet cells inside a tiny molecular mesh so the insulin could get out but the immune cells couldn't get in to wipe them out.  Or maybe if you think about it you'll come up with your own brand new idea.

It's never good to get T1D, but at least the treatments are better these days.  When I first got it the test strips needed a HUGE drop of blood.  They would change color, then you had to match the color against a chart on the side of the bottle by eyeballing it.  Very imprecise!  Or think of all the people who had diabetes before they even had insulin.

Anyway have fun chillin' in club penguin.  Minecraft rocks too.

Sarah, I was diagnosed on July 3, 2012, on July 7, 2012, they day you were diagnosed, i had a heart attack. I remember not knowing how i felt over all but i knew i was scared and felt alone. On that same day you were diagnosed it turns out, i don't know what this means but i think it has a purpose. My eyes filled with tears when i read your post and my heart erupted with love for you and your path in life.

I am 22 years old now and i wish i was as strong as you. I wish i could have your bravery, honesty and heart. You are clearly a great and amazing kid and i think you have the perfect mentality to become a successful type 1 diabetic. You moved me and touched me in a way that i have not felt since my diagnosis. I hope you find a sanctuary in this site and receive the help you need. You have already helped me by inspiring me to have your strength. If you ever need anything or any help, or as many of us need- a ear that understands and listens, i will always be here. Never look down or back because with a attitude as great as yours, your only concern should be your future which i can tell, will be a blessing to those around you.