Newly Diagnosed Identical Twins

Hey everyone, I am new on this site.  I have twin girls that are 5 years old, one twin was diagnosed July 8, and one was diagnosed Sept. 7th...does anyone else have twins with diabetes/are you a twin?  Even someone with 2 siblings? 

i can't answer your questions (sorry) but i just wanted to extend a welcome to you from everyone in the juvenation community. we are here to help you :o)

I have twins... a boy and a girl.  My son was dx'd at 15.  I don't think the percentage is as high for faternal twins to both end up with diabetes.   My son went to school with identical twins and both of them were diabetic.

You might want to visit Children with Diabetes.  There are a lot of siblings that have diabetes.

im twin & we have  diabetes so i dont think there is a  percentage for twins to both have diabetes that is what my endo says so i dont know.

Hi Heather!  Wow, what cuties you have!  I have four boys...three of them are type 1.  I know it is a hard situation, but they find comfort in having eachother.  They know their brothers understand and they have a beautiful bond because of it.  They don't feel different in our home.  It is all part of our normal.  :)  ((HUGS)) to you and your girls!

Just wanted to say Welcome!!! No siblings for me I am the only type 1 in the family!! And I did it at age 52!! LOL

Welcome to Juvenation!  It's a great place to be :)  My brother doesn't have diabetes but at diabetes camp I met two fraternal twins and they were both diagnosed when they were 13 months old. 

Hi I have ID twins but neither of them are diabetic my daughter it. Tho they are both autistic and have epilepsy. For them if one twin is autistic the other twin is 80% (last I looked) to also be autistic. Not sure if the same runs true with diabetes and twins but from my research in other areas if one twin has something going on the other most likely does too.

I know a family who has 3 children and two of them are diabetic! One is in middle school the other in 3rd grade

Welcome to juvenation!

My half sister is also a type 1 diabetic. She was diagnoised at 7 years old, I was diagnoised at 20.

I dont know them personally, but i  have heard of identical twins who are both type 1 diabetic! I also know 2 brothers that were both diagnoised in thier teens.