Newly Diagnosed interest in Pump


I’m recently diagnosed and have been inquired of the Medtronic Mini, T-Slim and Animas Vibe insulin pumps. I’m also interested in the CGM aswell.

Any thoughts/opinions on any other brands or the ones I mentioned.

Wanting to do this ASAP

Thank you,

Hi Joslyn. I am part of the medtronic ambassador team. I do not work for Medtronic. I am a volunteer. I share my experiences hoping to help others. I have only used the Medtronic pump so I can only speak about them. I love my pump and CGM. They help keep me under control. The CGM takes a little training but I’ve found after I’ve learned calibration times it’s awesome. They have also come out with the connect. It’s a cellphone device and app so you or family members can check your levels through their I-Phone. (android app won’t be out for a few months) You also have bolus wizard which calculates your blood sugar reading and your carb intake and delivers the dose of insulin you need. Your meter is also linked to the pump so it sends the readings to it. So no need to enter readings in your pump. I just think it’s all around great pump.

I was diagnosed March 25 of this year with Type 1. I am now on the Omnipod pump and Dexcom CGM. The Dexcom was the first thing I did and it’s great. My pump however, took a while. A lot of insurance companies require logs proving that you are able to monitor your diabetes on your own without a pump before they approve one. I chose the Omnipod pump because it is tubeless and waterproof. I couldn’t handle being attached to something with a tube all day and unplugging from insulin to shower or if I went to a pool party.

I would recommend looking in to Omnipod before you make a decision just so that you know all of your options. Best of luck!


Hi Jaslyn, you might want to consider the disadvantages of the pump first.
Checkout the PredictBGL iOS App and decide after using it for 2 months if you really need a pump/cgm.

I have had type 1 for 49 years now and on pump for last 5 I have Medtronic pump and for last 3 been on CGM. I wish my A1c was lower 8.7 now but when started was well over 9.5. I still have low and highs (when sleeping) but count carbohydrates daily. I am on NovoLog insulin and Lisinopril. For the past 8 years I have also had Multiple sclerosis. So being on feet for long time is tough. I am glad for insulin pump and remember when Dr. told me about as child. I was married but now living with parents since they are in 70s and I have MS. I live in southern New Jersey USA and travel to Philadelphia PA area t see diabetic Dr… I take each day as it comes

I run a Dexcom and Omnipod on my daughter and could not speak any higher of both products - I’d strongly recommend both.

My daughter was on Animas Ping for four years and then switched to OmniPod 18 months ago. She decided that she no longer wanted to deal with tubing and really likes Omnipod for that reason. most of the traditional tubed pumps are very similar. They have almost identical programming options and settings. Ping has a remote so if you ever plan to wear your pump under clothing, this is a good feature. Many offices seem to push Medtronic…

I recommend looking into OmniPod. they will send you a “dummy” pod that you can stick on to get an idea of what it’s like to wear it.

The only warning with Omnipod is the strips. The PDM (the remote that sends bolus commands to the pod) is paired with Freestyle test strips. Our insurance has been very tough with Freestyle and just informed us that they won’t be covering them anymore. Insurance says we can work with our doc to get an override, but it remains to be seen if this will be successful. Obviously if she has to carry around both the Omnipod PDM and a separate BG meter, this would dramatically reduce the benefits of the pod. Keeping my fingers crossed that we’ll continue to use those strips.

Please email me, I have an insurance card through Freestyle that I can get 300 strips for $15 at Walmart. I would like to help you out in any way.

Hello Jaslyn, and anyone else reading this,

I had to weigh in on this topic because I strongly believe that the OmniPod is the best TUBELESS insulin pump system available today.

I was on the MiniMed insulin pump for my first 10 years after my diagnosis, and it was okay. But then, I was browsing the web one day and came across an ad to try the OmniPod TUBELESS Insulin Pump System. (They have a non working pump that you can stick on and wear for 3 days.)

I ended up wearing the OmniPod trial pump for 5 days because I did not want to take it off. With the OmniPod system, it is the best thing to not having diabetes at all. I forget that it is even there sometimes, until it is time to eat and I must check my blood sugar.

Even the GLUCOMETER, which uses Freestyle strips, is a wonder, as it takes a very minimal amount of blood and is very easy to apply to the strip. You DO NOT NEED a ‘big hanging drop’ like with some glucometers!

So, Jaslyn, at least TRY the OmniPod system for a few days and see what it is like! If you have any questions, please feel free to email me directly.

Take good care


I absolutely Love my medtronic and it has my life so wonderful. We have a swimming pool and I have no problem taking it off (disconnecting) and have no problem programming it and making adjustments when needed. I am on Humlin 500 which is insulin 5X concentrated and it works great. My A1C went from 8.5 to 7.1 and am hoping for 6’s next visit. My pump is very easy to hide so the whole world doesn’t know. I love the fact that if I snack I can just give myself a little insulin quickly. Living in Florida I perspire so that a little work to keep things ‘stuck’ on me is a challenge. The distributer worked with me and I have the perfect solution now.

The fact that there are so many choices now is so wonderful. A friend of mine has been a T1 for 25 years and got on the pump 2 years ago and is so happy!!

Gotta put this in. Please research Niacinamide and Vandium. I have read many articles on that reversing type 1 diabetes if caught early enough. Gotta be our own doctors when it comes to natural cures unfortunately. Look in to milk and cheese or any dairy product as well.

Good Luck.

The internet is power!!!

Be a research nut!

Good Luck!

My heart goes out to you! I have been diabetic 31 years and it is a battle! It can’t be won but it must be fought with every tool!!!

Diet, exercise, medication, education, dedication, determination!

Let me know if the research I have read works??? Maybe you can make it happen and cure your type 1 diabetes. Wouldn’t that be interesting?

Hello –

Please don’t get your hopes up! Type 1 diabetes is NOT curable, not with any of the FDA approved models that we have today. Sure, the Internet to be full of information, but much of it is just false hope! Again, Type 1 diabetes is NOT curable by any of today’s approved methodologies!


Hello –

For what it’s worth, the OmniPod insulin pump system is completely waterproof, so you can wear it in the shower, and even while swimming.

I was previously on the MiniMed system for over 10 years before switching to the OmniPod system, which I have been on for over 10 years as well. So, I can attest to the superiority of the OmniPod system.

Trying to think of a good analogy, the OmniPod is like the latest LED ‘bulb’ technology, while the MiniMed is more like a compact fluorescent bulb. Even, perhaps, the MiniMed vs. OmniPod is like comparing a Camero (MiniMed) to a Porsche (OmniPod). :slight_smile:

I hope that this is helpful to someone!