Newly Diagnosed, looking for support

My daughter is 10 years and we are 3 months into diagnosis. While she has been a complete and utter champion, we are struggling with support and feeling so isolated. We are from a very small town so she is the one and only Type 1 in her school. She is also the first they have had in many years so all the staff is new to Type 1 as well. We did get a cell phone for obvious reasons. I’m hoping to find someone close to her age who we might be able to FaceTime or text. Again, she is completely owning her diagnosis, but I can see she is desperately looking for a diabetic companionship. She is definitely feeling alone. If any parents are interested in helping me find a friend for my daughter, please text me at 316-680-2212 or email


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Hi and welcome to the club that no one wants to be a part of! :upside_down_face:
Sorry to hear about the diagnosis. I hope you’re able to find a friend for your daughter- kudos to you for noticing she needs a friend so quickly!
I’m 16 and I’ve had T1D for almost 4 years now. I just moved schools and I’m the first diabetic my school has ever had- obviously different situations as I’m 6 years older than your daughter but I sympathize! It’s tough managing diabetes, being the first at school doesn’t make life easier.
I’m very glad to see you’ve found this forum so quickly. It’s an awesome place to ask questions and connect with other parents and people with T1D, so feel free to post any questions (no matter how dumb they may sound- trust me, all of us have been there before) or search the archive- you’ll get an answer!
Also, you might benefit from checking the JDRF website to see if they have a local chapter that meets near you and check other organizations like beyond type 1 or CWD (Children With Diabetes) to see if they’re having any get togethers or conferences in your area anytime soon. Beyond type 1 has a snail mail program that connects people with diabetes via letters (they might still run that). You’re very likely to find friends (online or inperson) for your daughter through those programs! I went to a CWD conference recently and it was absolutely amazing not to be the only person with injections, patches, tubes, and glucose tabs flying everywhere.
I’ve also seen other parents post similar “looking for friends” posts on this forum so searching the archive might help you out as well.
If you haven’t already, I’d strongly recommend checking out a continuous blood sugar monitoring system (CGM) like dexcom or libre. It’s a patch that goes on the arm, stomach, thighs, or buttocks and continuously measures blood sugars and sends the results to your cellphone . No more finger pokes and you can see what your daughters blood sugar is on your phone when she’s at school, play dates, sports, sleeping, etc.

Good luck and cheers to your daughter! Good for her for taking her diagnosis so well. First year is whiplash, it gets better as time goes on. You find a new normal and a system.

@selittrell Hi Sarah, and Welcome to The TypeOneNation Community Forum!

Having someone to talk with and relate to is really helpful both for emotional support and more so for the informal learning experience - you are on the right path trying to find a “friend”. I suspect that I was the only person with any kind of diabetes in school and possibly in our town; I was diagnosed in July and never mentioned told anyone at school when I returned; that was about midway through the last century so obviously I’m not near your daughter’s age - closer to her grandparents of great grandparents.

But you Sarah, will need to talk, share, and learn so don’t hesitate to visit here often to read, learn and asp for tips. There are many people in this Community who have decades of diabetes experience who are wanting to share what we have learned and will share tips that you may pass on to your daughter. There is a JDRF Chapter in Kansas City [link below] with some events posted; I suggest that you get in touch and see what may interest and help you; there may be an Advocate there who will reach out to your daughter’s school and to you. Kansas & Missouri JDRF Diabetes Chapter Support

Reach out, we are here

Hi @selittrell and welcome to the forum. Although they’re are no kids at your daughter’s school check with her doctor’s office - there may be other kids (and parents of kids) who are looking to connect. Although they can’t share someone else’s information due to HIPAA there should be no reason they couldn’t pass along your contacts to other families.
Hopefully you will make some connections through your local JDRF chapter. It’s also never too soon to stay looking at sunset camp for kids with Type1 - you might find some listed on the Resources link. I want for a few summers when I was a kid and I’m not sure who had a better time - me enjoying the camp éxperience, or my parents who could breathe a little easier knowing someone else was looking out for me.
Also, I highly recommend you check out the book Think Like a Pancreas by Gary Scheiner. He has Type1 diabetes and works in the field so has a unique personal perspective that is particularly helpful.