Newly dx 6yr old with ADHD issues

Feeling overwhelmed!  My son recently started school (First Grade) and along with his diagnoses in July for Diabetes 1, he takes meds for ADHD.  We've found that the medication's side effect is loss of appetite.  We're having a hard time trying to balance it all out because obviously it's important for him to eat.  Is there someone out there who has a similar issue and can give me some hope as his Mom?

Sorry - not similar almost opposite - My guy is always hungry. I even have a hard time getting him the number of carbs thay want him to have per meal. How many do they want him to have? 

We have a few favorites...Peanut butter bread, those cute little boxes of cereal, sm fruit cups, anything easy to eat and count. After my son was diagnosed and I was stressing about all the numbers I made a trip to sam's club and let him pick out a bunch of stuff that is prepacked and also labeled for carbs.   Made life somewhat easier. Good luck.

Similar trouble with my 9 yr old-- eats practically nothing on the ADHD meds. I know there are all sorts of ADHD meds-- perhaps if you tried switching RX you would have less of a problem.  We are careful to feed a large breakfast, before her meds take effect, and to skip the ADHD meds whenever we can (on weekends and holidays.) That wouldn't work with all kids, I know, but my daughter can manage well when she's not in school.  Also, she received the ADHD dx only a few days before the diabetes dx.  She'd had symptoms for a while, but I'd been very reluctant to get a formal ADHD dx or start the meds (had to try EVERYTHING else first.)  I then did make the decision that her health mattered more than her academic achievement for the first year, and only started on the ADHD meds recently.  Hope that helps.

Unfortunately, ADHD meds are stimulants, so decreased appetite will be a side effect. Dosing amounts and times can try to be altered. And as another parent posted, withholding the medication on the weekends is an option. Making sure his diet is healthy and well-balanced is most important. There are nutrition shakes out there also that your son may like. Some foods stimulate your appetite. (Ever not want milk with your cookies? LOL) Perhaps you could sit down with a nutritionist as well. And of course, talk with your pediatrician about your concerns.

Hang in there. My daughter is Type 1 and ADHD. I've chosen not to medicate her. She has a wonderful teacher and a great school system who help me with behavioral modification. Some days, I'm ready to pull my hair out, but I'm not ready to start medication for her yet. It's a personal decision, so no judgements either way! :o)

Thanks Elizabeth.  My son was diagnosed with ADHD a year before his recent diagnoses of JD. It's the timing of meds and the hyperactivity, along with the loss of appetite that really messes with the numbers.  Not that it can't be control, it's just more complicated.  It's good to feel that I'm not alone in this though.  Thanks for your input.

I appreciate all your input.  We all have our journeys to follow.  I'm fortunate as well to have a great school system.  The teachers are open minded and are putting in place a behavior medification chart.  Juvenile diabetes, ADHD, sensory processing issues: well dare I say it's mind boggling.  But, my boy is happy and loves school, so that's a!

You may talk with your child's psychiatrist about this side effect and how to deal with this or if changing medications may work. I know, a lot of work getting used to a new med, I went through the same thing as a child. I tried out many of different meds until we found the one that wok best and didn't interfere with my appetite. Sounds like you are lucky though with how open minded your school is!

One last thing- you may think I am crazy- but there is a lot of research into both of these conditions being allergy linked. You may want to read into that a bit- both conditions may potentially be improved if  an allergen is removed from the scenario. Wheat/ gluten allergies appear to be the most common- with lots of literature published about the direct link between gluten allergy and diabetes.

My son is in the same boat.  We switched to a non-stimulant based med and things are better, although the meds do not work as well.  We made him smoothies with protein and this helped him when he was not hungry.  It is a constant struggle.  He is going on a pump soon and I am hoping this will help when he does not want to eat.