Newly dxd 20 y.o.daughter.......type 1 they are now saying

My daughter ended up in the ER last Monday. Didnt feel right, she said, thirsty, had to pee and then said vision was funny. Let me add in here for some good guilt measure, I am an RN. I told her to stop working  a newly started night shift job, eat better, etc etc. Told her to go the Er.  I was going to the chiro. Her boyfiend called me at the chiro that her bs was 501. Great Mom and nurse.....HUH??? Anyway they gave her two bags os sodium chloride bc she was dehydrated as well. Actual blood work showed 431. Started her on metformin 500 mg twice a day and sent us home at 284 (finger stick). Of  course our family Dr was on vacation so we saw a covering Dr whos son happens to be diabetic abd he ordered more labs(which came back at A1c 8.4 and some GAD 65 which shoudl be 0- 1.5 at 481.4) ???? and started amaryl 1 mg in the am and metformin at night. She has been running normally between 200- 300. Saw our Dr Monday, wants her seen by endo, I called and the appt was set for July 23rd!!! Called him back Tuesday and told him that and he finallygot hold of him yesterday so he is SUPPOSED to be calling me today to set up an appt for today or tom.........anyway, Im terrified. Let me add I have gone to school as an RN with VERY sick kids with much more complicted issues and I cant deal with this. I cant deal with my family being sick. I tend to want to run away and know I cant.......I feel horrible and terribly guilty and scared. UGH...........Help!!!

I know how scary it is. My baby was diagnosed 15 months ago at age 10. The beginning is very hard, but honestly, it gets easier and you learn a new normal. Your daughter is a young adult, so she will obviously be responsible for her own care. She needs your support and encouragement. She may resist your questions, and there will be times when you need to give her space. Learn all you can, because even though you are an RN, unless you specialize in type 1 diabetes, you probably have a lot to learn. And sometimes learning will make you more scared, but more often it will help. Read as much as you can, especially the blogs posted by other people with type 1 or parents of type 1 kids - because we do this 24/7/365 and we can give you the real story.

Again, it will be okay. Soon your daughter will get to her new normal and be able to do everything she did before.


8.4 is pretty good IMHO. You caught it early. Does the endo have nurses or diabetes educators that can work with you by email? That is how it works for us. My daughter pretty much never sees the endo in the office since her diagnosis. The nurses handle it all and we get much longer visits with them than we would with the endo. I wonder if they aren't thinking she is type 2??? Is she taking insulin?

We just saw the endo today. She was given insulin today BUT I never gave her any. When we got home she took her BS and it ws 108. She  NEVER..... since this happened had a BS close to that. I called and someone else was covering for the weekend so bc I wasnt comfortable I decided to wait after she ate it went to 160 and is now back at 118. However I haved deduced (what a smart nurse i am....NOT) that it was more than likely that low bc she didnt really eat much today :(  We will start again in the am and see where we are at.

For now, to see how she adapts he has her on 2-3 units of humalog with meals and 5 units of Lantus at bed. IF it gets higher than this bc seriously I am papranoid with how low its running to treat her.

Yes we saw him today. He was VERY good and very patient. He sees new pts on Fridays and Saturdays only so he can spend time with them. He does have a nurse practioner that he told us we will see too. I need to call on Mon Wed Fri with her sugars and get orders.He said to call anytime with questions but of course this is his weekend off.  Visit again July 28th.

He said no, its deffinately type 1. We dont have any endos in our immediate area so was treated as type 2 till we could get to him. It did work a bit (the meds) bc she does still have some function left he said.

If you know what her glucose was before the insulin shot and how many units she received then you can deduce a correction ratio until Monday. My 10 year old uses one unit when she reaches 200 and another unit for every 50 over that.

You two will also need to figure out an insulin to carb ratio. 2 to 3 units may be a lot of insulin depending on her needs and what he eats. My daughter uses one unit per 20 carbs. You will figure this out based on experience and doctor recommendations on a starting point. You should also get some instructions on how to treat lows from them if you haven't already.

I don't have much to add except that don't blame yourself I know it's hard but your not super women, the best thing you can do for right know is be there for her, I'm sure everything will work out and she will get in a routine! I was one of those very sick kids I had hereditary pancreatitis starting at age of 9 and which led to my pancreas being removed when I was 17 and I was put on a pump. I'm now very healthy, my a1c was 7.3 at last check and I have given birth to two beautiful healthy children. It will be tough for a while but she will make it though. You sound like an awesome mom and with your help she will do great!

Don't worry too much; you and her will both be alright.  I'm 20 years old now and I was diagnosed at 19.  It's kinda weird because my mother is also an RN, and she told me the same thing when I was telling her my symptoms hah, it's just a nurses nature i guess.  But really, she will be okay, she'll learn to live with it and learn that it's a healthy lifestyle. Best of luck! and again don't worry too much!

Thanks ladies!! I'm trying!! Hoping he is understanding when I call tom with my new pschosis issues..LOL

Ugh, bc her sugar is down for two days now (under 200 at all times) and I dont know the exchange to carb ratio and she is down to 99 lbs, I have been afraid to start insulin,. Granted  she hasnt been below 200 except for a freak reading here and  there but I heard her telling her bf  "I  dont have way" :(  I am n expert, but the endo sys she does and its type 1. I'm just a wreck now bc I am afraid she might really believe herself. This is going to be hard and hard in ways I didnt even imagine. I guess tom starts teh calls. Endo to see whatto do with these numbers, and to get a  call in to his dietician to get this carb to insulin thing learned. For an RN, I feel really stupid from the very start of this till now even..........

Don't forget, almost all newly diagnosed T1's go through the ''honeymoon'' stage where some insulin is still being produced.