Newly Pregnant with T1D

Hi there,

I’m hoping to get some not so scary feedback as everything I read on the internet has been super negative. I just found out I was pregnant (about 4 weeks along). My A1C just came back at 7.3, which is obviously not ideal for pregnancy. This was unplanned so unfortunately I was not able to get my sugars prepared, but I have been trying very hard to keep my numbers down after I found out I was pregnant. Have any other ladies had healthy pregnancies with a higher initial A1C?


Hi @whit41587 welcome to TypeOneNation! I am unqualified to respond but wanted to say hi and ask if you have either a pump, or a CGM, or both? Congratulations and good luck :four_leaf_clover:

Hi Joe,

Thank you!! I have both (Ominpod & Freestyle Libre), so I’m good with the tech at least!


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Hi and congratulations!!
I have two healthy children, with both I had two different experiences, but my a1c was definitely around yours for both. My oldest who will be 8 soon was born with low blood sugar. He was in the nicu for about a week, babies try to produce insulin to help drop blood sugars in the mom.
My daughter did not have any blood sugar issues. I had a cgm during the second pregnancy and it helped a lot. I set the high at 200 to be able to keep my eye on it.
With my son I thought I was eating for two. With my daughter I was eating for one! Just do your best, and remember to take insulin before meals.
Make sure you stay in touch with your endo and that they are supportive and knowledgeable. I emailed my sugars to mine every 2 weeks. You’ll find that sugars can change from good to high in a day.

I don’t have children myself (my choice not related to diabetes or health) and past child bearing years, but I do recall they used to advise diabetic women to have an ObGyn who can help us manage high risk pregnancies. It may be the technology available now has lessened the risk if we use it; and maybe more ObGyns make that a part of their practice - I honestly don’t know. An acquaintance of mine is an ObGyn and a couple of decades ago she saw me pull out my pump and asked what it was - she didn’t even know, which I found surprising. But even now many doctors are only marginally familiar with diabetes, so be sure your ObGyn has the skill and experience to help you manage a healthy pregnancy.

Thank you so much for your response!! This definitely makes me feel more at ease hearing your experience. :slight_smile:

Yes, I will be working with an OB who actually specializes in high risk pregnancies, so I’m very grateful! Thanks for your response!!

I haven’t been responding to anything, because I’m at 27 weeks with my second babe, so I don’t want to give any advice until baby is safely in my arms =)

BUT, my first babe wasn’t planned, either. I can’t remember what my a1c was, but it was around yours. Probably even a bit higher. I’m not here to advocate for a high a1c. we all know what they’re SUPPOSED to be. But i also don’t function well with scare tactics. My first babe, I had a pretty easy time getting my hba1c to continually lower each month. I think I ended with a 5.6! I was induced and delivered a healthy little girl just after 37 weeks at about 5 lbs 12 oz.

I am now 27 weeks, another very wanted, but unplanned babe =) I’ve had a much tougher time getting my a1c to stay lower this time. I’ve been camped out at around 6.5 (which is solidly lower than where I started to answer your higher a1c starting point), but there have been plenty of higher numbers after meals, and I’ve drastically reduced my carbs which I didn’t have to do with baby number 1. I’ve been dealing with a lot of stress and anxiety about it all. BUT, I don’t think you should Every appointment I’ve had so far, whether my maternal fetal or OB, baby has been measuring healthy, her anatomy appt looked good, and her fetal echo was good.

Do what you can to get your numbers where theyre supposed to be. Obviously. But, as my endo said during one of the too many times I was stressing, babies are resilient. Also, weve got diabetes. Numbers aren’t going to be perfect. Do what you can to enjoy your pregnancy (I’m saying this as my own pep talk, as well, i think). I think you’re going to do great =)


@kara829 Hi Kara, and welcome to the JDRF TypeOneNation Forum! Your first post here, is absolutely beautiful, encouraging, and so full of hope.

Your first first pregnancy gave you a wonderful child, and I hope and pray that your soon-to-born child will be healthy too.

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Thank you so much for sharing your experience!! I did miscarry, but I think it was related to other things. I am pregnant again, going in with a 7.1 A1C, but have gotten my numbers down significantly, measuring on my cgm. It’s so assuring hearing success stories with T1D moms! Thanks again:)

ugh. thats tough, though you’re very right. i would bet it would not be due to your hba1c. im really sorry you had to deal with that, but all my good thoughts and vibes are going out to you and your babe!

It was tough but at least it was pretty early. Feeling better this time around. Thanks and best wishes to you too!! :hugs: