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these are what annoy me. I can not tell them they are idiots or educate them tho I wish I could. I was on comcast and there was a cbs news report with Dr. Oz about diabetes. Of course it is all about type 2 but not once do they say that. This is what makes the masses so grr to most. Do not broadcast such information if you are not going to clarify which type you are talking about! I know good and well my daughter didnt get diabetes because her belly is to big! Now I will have to explain the difference to even more people who have misconceptions about type one because the professionals can not take the time to say THIS IS FOR TYPE 2 DIABETES!!!  Ok just had to grumble grumble grumble about it for a second.

I know - it's frustrating how often this kind of thing happens.  We just had an article in our local paper on "diabetes", where they were really only talking about type 2 and gestational.  I am debating a letter to the editor, but I'm also not sure if I want to publish that I'm T1 for all 250,000 Lincolnites to see...

This is exactly why  I have had so much difficulties sharing with people in my life that I am T1 (diagnosed at age 19).  People have misconceptions and ideas about the disease that don't include the terms beta cells and autoimmune.... if only the media would differentiate between the types and educate the public on Type 1... I can keep dreaming, I suppose!

With all the info being made about T-2 it is almost blaming the person for getting the disease.  It is frustrating to me too when someone finds out I am diabetic and they think it is because of the way I have not taken care of myself.  Truth be told, I have worked dilegintly for 37 years with this disease and no, it wasn't because of eating too much and getting too fat!  I am pretty lean, and always have been.  I agree.  We have a right to be frustrated.  We only had to be born with some particular gene to get this disease.  Like we had any choice! 

Here in Dallas, we have this really rude news guy who talks out of his butt. And one morning he was like "Diabetes is on the rise, do to people getting FATTER" I almost went to the station and and gave him a report of my own.

It is unfortunate that the media and the ADA focus all their efforts on T2's. Yes T2 is at epidemic proportions as the waist lines of American's increases. However, the constant focus on T2 makes people who meet me and find out I am a diabetic say "You can't be a diabetic, your not overweight!" My BMI is in normal range, if not slightly lean at 20.4!

This is a reason I do not believe in the ADA's mission, and fully support the JDRF, they believe in and care about T1's. Also their fundraising efficantcies are much better according to giving the JDRF 4-stars while the ADA get's either 1 or 2-stars (I can't remember).

I have to say that I get extremely frustrated about this too....I'll hear on the news "New develpments for people with diabetes...."  Then I come to find that it's only a new development for Type 2's......I am happy for the Type 2's, but I would love to see some more new developments for people with Type 1.  Maybe I am just selfish.....but I get pretty frustrated some days.  As do most of you.

Jessica... there are many of we long term JD's that get reallyyy angry and upset about 'diabetics' eating their lazy way to the disease!! We so wish all would define which 'diabetes' they are talking about... the self causal or the Type 1 ... we are bunched together as one... I was diagnosed in 1958 and still get angry that we are not seen as different!! grrrrrrrrrrrrr

~Annette~ still complication free :)

You  tell them Kim!!! We need a national revolt leader!!!

Annette JD 52 yrs

GO TO THE STATION SAM!!!  tell them!!

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You  tell them Kim!!! We need a national revolt leader!!!

Annette JD 52 yrs


Haha... I like the sound of that.  "National Revolt Leader".  Can I put that on my resume?

I have actually already written a letter to the editor of Real Simple magazine about a similar kind of article.  They referred only to "diabetes" - not specifying type 2 - and gave the advice that, if you'd just "shed excess pounds", you could avoid diabetes.  (Oh, is that all I need to do?  Wow, I really blew a lot of money on this insulin pump and CGM for nothing, then, huh?  Thanks so much, Real Simple.)  These kinds of things do not sit well with me.

I find it particularly dismaying when I get this kind of ignorant treatment from a physician. I am amazed at how many people in the medical profession have no idea what type 1 diabetes is, how it's different from type 2, and what kind of complications might arouse from either treating a type 1 like a type 2 or like someone with a normal endocrine system.

Yesterday, I wept at my new endo's office to the PA about how common an experience it has been for me lately to be blamed for my various health issues because of how high my blood sugars are running. It's like, I do absolutely everything in my power to get my blood sugars under control and they just won't stay down. I know I'm in the right place with this office because the PA's response was that, of course, it's easier to blame the patient than it is to really try to help; that they see brittle type 1's all the time there, and that it's not my fault that my body's being this way, especially when dealing with daily chronic pain. I felt so much better by the time I left!

I am glad for Juvenation.  I have gotten so frustrated because of the medical community not distinguishing between T1 &T2.  I have been telling my family & friends when they hear a news story about diabetes to ignore it.  It is always about T2.

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 which 'diabetes' they are talking about... the self causal or the Type 1


It's super important to remember that T2 has a huge genetic component, and some people who are not overweight and/or sedentary develop T2 as well. 


I also think it's frustrating that they'res no differentiation - especially when it's think like "people with diabetes are more at risk for _____," because I never know if that includes me or not. Not that it matters that much whether it includes me or not, but it sure is frustrating to not know.

there's. oops. that was out of character for me... :D