Nice Endo. / Mean Endo

Either one being a good doctor :) ..Which works best for you ? One that is more on the friendly side or one that will let you have it if need be....A friendly Endo. can do much better with my daughter ,she is more willing to listen ...

Friendly endo all the way!  I don't see how a mean endo could be a good doctor, especially if he/she is a pediatric one.  I guess it depends on the person and what gets them motivated to take care of themselves, but I don't like mean people. 

I currently have a friendly endo, but unfortunately he usually offers "just keep things the same for now" when dishing out advice. My A1C is far from perfect, so I'd actually prefer a more strict endo (not necessarily mean!) to kick my butt into gear!

I've had a mean endo before, which is the reason I switched to solely an internal medicine doctor for my diabetic care (and also his P.A.).  There are only 2 endocrinologists in my town, and I wasn't impressed with either.  I'm much happier, and actually my A1C has gone down probably a full point since then.  Some other factors played into that, but I think it helped.  It was so bad that I would get stomach aches the day of the appointment, and I'd be crying on the way home.  He was just brutal, and I didn't appreciate it.

I agree it depends on your personality, but I feel more motivated by a positive endo than a "strict" one b/c I find I try harder if I feel like I'm successful. If I don't feel successful, I tend to give up. I also am worried and stressed enough about my BG's, so I like to have someone who's more relaxed to calm me down a bit.

I like having a balance between the two.  I have a very nice endo, but he can really crunch the numbers and give cut-and-dry feedback on what needs to be improved.  Not in a mean way, but in a way that's authoritative while still being motivating.  I imagine it's a tough gig - gotta find the right balance, and you proably have tons of patients who never listen to the guidelines you lay out for them - that'd be frustrating.

One of my worst endos ever was one who had T1 b/c she wasn't sympathetic at all. Weird!

i had an endo who is well known and listed as one of the best endos in ny... she was TERRIBLE. she didnt care about me and i was treated like a number. i would send my numbers to her but get a reply from a nurse bc she doesnt have the time to help me individually. she and i actually argued one time and she made me cry in her office bc she told me i was going to die!! i left her and found a wonderful doctor who is not listed as "one of the best" but shes nice, encouraging and always has something good to say! and she brought my a1c down a whole point in 3 months.