Nick Jonas Anyone?

Hey, who here loves Nick Jonas from the Jonas Brothers!!!!!! I love their music, and I think it is really cool that he helps out other Type 1 kids like himself!!!! How cool is that!!!

love him! lol


I think that it's cool that he helps other T1s, but it's not quite my style of music. Not to make anyone mad, but I think they sound like they're whining when they sing.

That's cool!!! I respect your opinion!!!!!!

I do like one of their songs. I think it might be called S.O.S? That's really the only song I like. I'm into more of the hard rock!

OMG i love them i like the song A Little Bit Longer! AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!!

They are pretty amazing!!!

S.O.S is pretty cool!!! A Little Bit Longer (about diabetes for those of you who are not fans) is amazing!!! Go listen if you haven't!!!!!

yes i loveee him!

They are preety awsome!!!! they have great hair 2!lol

My fav. song of theirs is love bug!!! it is sooo cute!:]

Has anyone heard A Little Bit Longer???

Love Nick! I signed up for a sweepstakes with him to win a trip to LA to Walk for Diabetes with him, first place winners (which were 10 inthe USA) won autographed Converse sneakers! I WONNN !!! He is such a motivation that we can do ANYTHING no matter what.

a little bit longer is AMAZING, and i love him as well as the other brothers =] it takes a lot to reveal to the world that you have diabetes and i respect him for being such a huge help in educating people about what we go through.

YES!!! I feel the same way 2!!! He must have a really good heart and soul if he has the guts 2 do that!

omg ! you're so lucky!

i signed up for that too but i wasn't too lucky haha maybe next time :)

i love them though, i think it's brought more awareness to people about what diabetes is. so there's less ignorant people out there now :)

love him!! A little bit longer when he does it live makes me cry...i really dont like the version on the album though i think its too "upbeat" compaired to how he does it live!

But my fav song of theirs would def be Underdog or Mandy!!! (from their early days)


I love them.

Anyone gone to I got the dogtag:)

I ordered the dogtag, but i never recieved it!! :(

Dog tag is amazing!!!!!

Loving it!!

Can't wait for their world tour next summer!!