Nick Jonas

I am not bashing nick jonas or any of the jonas brothers. I know that nick is a very inspiring person and active with JDRF and is a great person. But what has been on my mind that i just can not stand is a line in Nick Jonas' song "A Little Bit Longer." This is a great song and sometimes brings me to tears. But I can not stand the line 'A Little Bit Longer And I'll Be Fine.' I will not be fine in a little bit. I have type one diabetes, a CHRONIC ILLNESS. I won't be fine in a little bit because i have a burden of a responsibilty on my hands EVERY SINGLE DAY AND WILL NEVER GET A BREAK FROM IT. so there is not little bit longer and ill be fine. Even if they did come up with a cure, we would not be sure it is going to work or what the long term side effects will be. They could come up with a cure but i would not want it until it has been out for 30 years so i know the long range effects if any. So i pretty much will die with diabetes so i will not be fine in a little bit longer. And it is likely that i am more "fine" than i will be in the future because even tho i take great care of myself and have a great A1C, there are still going to be long term effects of this disease in my future. In a little bit longer i am not going to be fine and it is depressing to think i am never going to be fine because it is CHRONIC meaning FOREVER.

I totally understand. It scares me as well that I will have to live with this for my whole life. It is a very frustrating disease and I think we can all say that we hate it. It annoys me that I can't have full control over it. I hate it how my endo asks me everytime I see her if I am still worried all the time. First of all she does not ask it politely and secondly she has only talked to me a couple of times and I hardly talk. Mainly because the whole team is always on vacation and I can never reach them. Everytime they see I have a high blood glucose number in my meter they say eating sugar and chocolate again? I don't even eat that stuff. I hate how they make so many assumptions when they are supposed to be proffesionals. The social worker doesn't even ask about how I am dealing with Diabetes she asks if I have decorated my room yet. They act like the disease is nothing and it isn't hard to deal with. The fact is that everyone is different, which means they deal with things differently. For me I don't think this disease is a walk in the park. Sure you can still do things like everyone else, but I find it difficult. I am not a worrisome child but I worry about my future and how Diabetes will affect it. Some people don't have complications, but others have to work there butts off to find out they have some horrible complication. I hate seeing high numbers and I try so hard to give myself a future that is complication free, but that isn't always possible with this disease. I think that it was good for you to get it out there and just say how you feel. It helps greatly to let it out, but it doesn't make it go away. It isn't easy to deal with and I wish people would stop saying it is. I will end this rant with a quote from my teacher, "oh you have Diabetes, well at least it is easy to deal with."

I completely agree with you. We won't be fine in a little bit. But I think what he was saying was ' I'll be fine someday" and ' look on the bright side'. And another line is' wait til kingdom come all the highs and lows are gone' he is a devote christian and could possible be referring to passing and going to Heaven. Now like you said we won't be free of it, but this is what I think he meant.

I do agree about the line "a little bit longer and I'll be fine"  I have always loved that song since I 1st heard it 2 years ago. But I think that when saying the line "a little bit longer and I'll be fine" is were he is say that he is in the hopistal. But he going to be fine when he get out of the hopistal. When have diabetes no one is ever going to be fine. I do also think that when he sing the line "wait till kingdom come all the highs and lows are gone"  he is referring to passing on and going to Heaven when we dont have to deal with diabetes and all the shots and what not.

This is a touchy subject for a lot of people on here. I personally don't care for nick jonas, but that's MY OPINION. I don't like how everyone feels sorry for him, I am not a fan of pitty parties. He gets praised for all of the money and awareness he's raised, but I know very many diabetics and non-D's who have raised just as much. I guess there's a bretty big price on fame. AGAIN, this entire post is based on MY PERSONAL OPINION, please don't get all uptight about it.  

no worries sam, no worries. im not a jonas fan either. and yes ill have type 1 till i die. if things dont improve for me i may not make it 2 years to be blunt. sorry am a tad stressed lol