When I was in the Marines I developed diabetes but didn't know it yet about a month before I shipped out to Iwakuni Japan.  When I got there I was still undiagnosed but sleeping alot, drinking a lot water, eating alot, and peeing a lot and just feeling yucky.  The other guys in the band said I was "buned out" and my nickname became "burnout".  Yeah, thanks guys. Anyways, after I got diagnosed and hospitalized and stabilized I had new found energy and was feeling great and full of energy.  They then said my flame had been relit and new nickname became "The Flame".

The biggest on lately has been dork...not sure on that one my brother came up with that one...sissy, loser #1, Oops 1 (thats my dad's nickname for all of us...out of 4 of us only one was "planned") so it's Oops 1, Oops 2, Ok #1, and Oops 3. Blondie, goofy, Country, Horsie (I love horses). Piggy Rat.

the new one since yesterday is red & the usual ones are cyn,cj, cindyjean(makes me think of the song "billy jean" everytime) & hoochie(don't ask!!!)

Mine are Bri, Britt, Child (From my last name Childers), Egghead (From my dad), Sugar Girl, Shortie (Some of the guys at school.), Brittany Lu (Mom.), Pumpkinhead (Dad again), Brittany Doll (Grandpa.), Miss Britt, Brittany Bojangles, that's all I can think of for now.

I just started calling my youngest son, 21 months old, "Itty" as in itty-bitty. He loves it. His name is Logan. Brandan is still "Bug." Always has been, always will be.