Night lows - And food

Hey so last night I woke up and my blood sugar was 1.2 (21.6) and I had to call my mom with my phone who was downstairs because I couldn't think of what to do but Eat ! When im low I eat everything in site so I was woundering if anyone has the similar problem and what kinds of foods are good to have when treating lows in the middle of the night

i hve the same problem if i'm low i'll eat anythingg!

yeah my mom said last night I was like a drug addict and food was my drug of choice and I would do anything for food

"Bottomless stomach" happens to me too, with lows in the middle of the night.  I'm low, and out of it from sleeping, so god help any cookie or muffin that may be laying about. 

Not sure what to tell you to keep you from overeating, but usually by the time I'm done stuffing my face, I realize what I've done...and I'll bolus for some of it before I go back to sleep.  You have to be careful doing that, though, that you don't overdo the insulin.  Trial and error.

I do this too! Happened to me last night, my mom was telling me to stop eating but I kept telling her no, I really am hungry. I think I ate almost everything in the kitchen :o) My endo just laughs at me and tells me most diabetics do it and I just need self control....yeah ok, sometimes I'm so low I can't remember how to walk but I'm supposed to know when to stop shoveling the food in :o)

[quote user="Nikki xoxox"]I had to call my mom with my phone who was downstairs because I couldn't think of what to do but[/quote]

I've done this before too because walking far was out of the question, sometimes my parents couldn't hear the phone so we had to put a mini-fridge stocked with pop in my room

Yeah I want to do that because yeah most times I can't walk downstairs I have to crawl to find my cell phone

hahah yeah my mom told me last night to stop eating but I can't  like when im low my hunger takes over there is no self control .Non diabetics don't understand you can't stop

you feel like the "Low" feeling won't go away UNLESS you keep eating!

I feel the same way!  I have trouble overeating when low.  Everything feels like the end of the world!  And i cannot stop eating or drinking juice until that awful feeling goes away - and then later my blood sugar is high and...goodness that's a vicious cycle.

When i lived at home and my mom (and the kitchen) were upstairs and i was in the basement, we put an intercom system right next to my bed.  So when i was low all i had to do was press a button and buzz my mom's room and she would bring me something or make sure i made it to the fridge instead of wandering around the house.

Man alive, night time lows are seriously irritating.  And then I am cranky in the morning!

Oh, you wanted advice, didnt you?  The only thing i have found that helps is using food that takes a little bit of time to eat...that way i am still eating something while the blood sugar is on the rise, calming my nerves while i come back to life.  Just as an example, I had a low of 58 yesterday so i popped a glucose tab and then ate a pack of single serve wheat thins (15grams of carb per pack) and by the time i was done eating the crackers, i was feeling better. 


I think we do this because we enter 'survival mode' at that point - we're just trying to stay alive!

[quote user="Kim"]

I think we do this because we enter 'survival mode' at that point - we're just trying to stay alive!


lmao i totally agree... yes i am def a middle of the night low binge eater when im low it takes major self control not to overeat in the middle of the night. i try and keep things around that are good like for example i will have a cherry nutrigrain and a fruit punch juicy juice its really good but im not eating a tub of ice cream lol

I hate that!!!  I don't only do it at night.  It does feel like a survival mode!!  I like that idea of eating something that takes time because you could put a ton of food in your mouth in that 15-20 minute period you feel the worst!!  I think i might have to try that. 

I also tend to do that with insulin, like if i see a high, i will over bolus in a panic mode, and my endo, who is also a T1, told me it is very hard to not eat to much when we are low, we all do it, but when i am high i still have the capability to think straight i should be careful when bolusing.  Atleast he was reassuring that i am not the only one who keeps eating. The worst part for me is all day i am on an insulin-sugar rollercoaster after i eat too much for a low.  LOW-EAT-HIGH-BOLUS-LOW-EAT-HIGH-BOLUS................................................

Its hard to think when its low, my bf woke me up a time or two with his and said he needed to eat and before he tells me i can L00K and tell, ive gotten that good at knowin if he's hi or low just by how he looks or acts.. & I went and got something but another time he didnt wake me up; it was real low he couldnt hardly walk to the kitchen I heard him and said why didnt you get me up -- he said all he could think was he needed to eat but couldnt put it together as to how to get what he needed, it was 28.  S0 we keep Cinnamon Graham Crackers -- and -- Peanut Butter in his room, and some drinks like gatorade -- keep those in his mini fridge with his meds, though -- and I recommend the cinnamon graham crackers and peanut butter  -- its a good balance with protein, the cinnamon -- which you can take as a pill & helps metabolize blood sugars -- helps, too! & it doesnt make you go high either, but you eat like 3-4 decks of those and youre full so you dont eat & eat, and it works pretty quick so you dont feel the need to hurry & eat to get it back up :)



I'm the same way...I just eat and eat and eat...this whole month of March i've had bad lows and it sucks cause I can tell I've gained weight because of it!!! :( but it's hard to just eat a little bit and you still feel low and don't let it give the time. It's crazy